Custom Backing Tracks

Here at Offbeat, backing tracks for Original Music and Covers are made specifically for your own exclusive use. 

Artists who create original material may need full backing for a song, whether they are singers, solo artists, songwriters or lyricists and this is something Offbeat specialises in. 

Artists who are serious about releasing their music know they can't reasonably use tracks that other people are also using when it comes to releasing their own versions of cover songs.

We can work remotely with you anywhere on the planet. Studio producer and multi instrumentalist Iain McKinna can often work with you to complete a production completely in house.

We work in conjunction with Richard Anderson who is based in St Neots. Richard was MD for many well known musical theatre hits including Songs Of Sister Act, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and many others. He is a fantastic pianist and keyboard player and working with Offbeat has been involved in many of the sound examples in the playlist below.

Richard is also a vocal coach and he can be contacted directly at his website  HERE

We also have access to an International selection of session musicians on a range of instruments and styles who also work remotely with us. 

Each track requires a specific budget as it all depends on the length, complexity of material and the instrumentation required. 

 Video demonstration

Watch how Offbeat producer put this custom backing track of the Glee version of  What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger together for Peel Entertainment.

Costing a backing track

Offbeat Producer Iain McKinna explains the information we need to provide an accurate quote for your custom backing track.

Our Custom Backing Tracks Are Ideal For:

Studio Recordings

We specialise in creating original music and replicating existing songs in your preferred key.

Live Gigs

Get a backing track made for your gigs, minus the parts you are plating 'live'.

TV or Radio

Need a broadcast quality backing track for your live TV or Radio performance? 

Custom Backing Track Pricing

A Rough Guide


Three Minute Track

A three minute song with simple chord arrangement, and Instrumentation of Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards & Backing Vocals. The studio time and musicians fees required for this would be around £600.


Five Minute Track

Five minute track with simple chord arrangement, and Instrumentation of Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards & Backing Vocals. The studio time and musicians fees required for this would be around £750.


Four Minute Track

Four minute song, an acoustic guitar or piano only backing track = £150.


Five Minute Track

A 4- 5 minute track with complex arrangement and Instrumentation of Bass, Drums, Guitar & Backing Vocals, plus session musicians on sax and trumpet including two session fees of £100 per player = £1100

Adding Parts

You can take our recording as separate stems into the studio where you live and add your own parts there and mix to your own taste too if you want. Or if you live locally to our studio you could book into Offbeat to add your parts.
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Save Time

If you have written a song and need musicians to create and play parts for the song this can be very time consuming and expensive if you don't have your own band.

Save Money

We can work with a basic demo of your idea and develop it along the lines of your own preferences, influences and references to music you like which you think might fit with your song.

Save Worry

We create custom backing tracks from a wide pallet of live and sampled instruments, sound designed to suit a range of styles. Session musicians on hand to add to your tracks.
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