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 Removing all the hassle from your Audiobook Productions
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Audiobook Production Services 
for Book Publishers & Self-Publishers

Let us take all the hassle out of your Audiobook Productions and provide your listeners with a rich and vibrant audio experience.

We understand the process of recording, producing and directing professional audiobooks and work closely with major publishers like Canongate Books, Saraband, Penguin Random House, DK Audio, Profile Books, Saga Egmont & Harper Collins as well as self published authors, many of who also narrate their own work.

We record to Broadcast standard quality (as standard) in our BBC Approved recording studio facilities here in Edinburgh's Royal Mile

We ensure that all of your recordings are fully compliant to ACX specifications, so that you can upload your audiobook to your preferred platform with confidence.

You can also record at the Offbeat studio if you wish to produce your audiobook yourself. 

An Audio Introduction to our Audiobook Productions

The Process

Since we started to produce audiobooks around 7 years ago, we have worked out an extremely efficient method of producing audiobooks with the focus on consistent quality recordings for publishers & ease of workflow for narrators. 

We are fully involved in producing and directing an enjoyable audio experience with your audience, the listener in mind.

We are aware of the demands on narrators when it comes to long recording sessions that require a high level of focus and concentration...

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The idea of recording and reading a narrative of between 40,000 and 150,000 words can be very daunting. 
Needless to say there can be absolutely no mistakes in the recording as well. 
One thing we learned after recording many audio books is that by contrast most other voice and narration projects are relatively easy in comparison. There are so many small issues that can spoil a recording, chair noises, paper turns, lip smacking, script stumbles, even tummy rumbles :-) We work through the script with the narrator and ensure that everything goes smoothly without affecting the performance.

The specifications for platforms like Ingram Core-Source, Audible & Apple Books are also extremely strict and the work will be rejected if it doesn't meet the criteria. It’s important that record levels are consistent throughout, this seems an obvious point, but as with all voice only audio these standards can be deceptively difficult to achieve, as there is nowhere to hide in these types of recordings.

Producing an audio book means taking full responsibility for delivering an error free work, and directing involves keeping the narrator on script and steering the performance along consistent and creative lines throughout the entire work.

Sound quality matters, and the studio provides that, but in order to 'produce' a work that's engaging to listen to and sounds good all the way through, it's imperative that the narrators performance is top notch and it's our job to help them as much as possible.

That's why Offbeat Audio Ltd is trusted by all the main Industry players to produce consistently excellent sounding audiobooks... on schedule... and on budget!

Read our blog about publishers we work with


rebecca wojturska

Haunt Publishing

Rebecca Wojturska - The Boss 

"  We received professional, personable and overall fantastic service from all the team at Offbeat, our audiobook creators of choice for all our future titles!"

joanna lord

Canongate Books

Joanne Lord - Head Of Audio & Online

"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Iain and the Offbeat team. A friendly and professional service and the end results were excellent".

ollie grant 2

Penguin Random House

Oli Grant - Publishing Manager 

"Excellent job! Hopefully we can work together on another title soon! This wasn’t a straightforward record so thank you for your understanding"

chitra ramaswamy at offbeat

Chitra Ramaswami


"What an intense, emotionally wringing, and utterly wonderful experience working on the audiobook for Homelands. Thank you".

fiona scott-barratt

Fiona Scott Barratt 


"Many thanks again for your sterling input to this project, I am utterly delighted with the audiobook recording of The Exit Facility".

nathaniel mckenzie

Nathaniel McKenzie

Profile Books Audio Editor

"May I say you did an excellent job recording Recovery by Gavin Francis. Thanks so much for your work, and we look forward to working with you in future".

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