August 15, 2020

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Creating A Custom Backing Track

Offbeat producer Iain McKinna demonstrates how he created a custom backing track of the Glee version of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
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"Pandemic Special"
What Doesn't Kill You!

Using a screen capture app and some iphone footage edited on Final Cut Pro, Iain McKinna has created a demonstration video on how he created a custom backing track for Peel Entertainment for a Dance & Vocal Theatre Group.

The video showcases the original Glee version of the track on the left of the stereo field and the building of the Offbeat Version on the right, allowing a direct comparison of the track for clients who need a  Custom Backing Tracks section of the website.

Offbeat specialise in creating original Custom Backing Tracks for Singers & Songwriter's own compositions, offering musical accompaniment on a range of instruments. In this case though, we were given the challenge of copying this well produced  track.

Iain says "Quite a few people showed interest in a more in depth demonstration of how I triggered sounds for the song using a noise gate and a drum pattern to trigger a stencilled guitar, vocal and synth effects using this triggering technique. I am in the process of creating that now. After my initial effort I realised I needed a better screen capture app and my friend Marten Claridge, who incidentally designed this website, recommended using Screenflow which is fantastic.

The main issue with the Mojavi programme I used on the first film was seperating the audio out. Being an audio company this is obviously extremely important. Juggling the audio, the 'live' demonstration of me playing the parts whilst recording a demo was quite challenging on the film.

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