December 5, 2018

Voice Over Projects Taking Off At Offbeat

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Amazing developments in the Voice Over area of our recording studio here at Offbeat in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.


Voice Over Projects Taking Off At Offbeat orson welles 300x182The Eyes Of Orson Welles, a film by Director Mark Cousins, is to be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

We recorded the voice of Star Wars star Jack Claff who plays the great actor in this portrait of the legendary director. We’ve don quite a few film projects with Mark now, including The Story Of Film,an Odyssey which won The Stanley Kubrick Award for best documentary.

tony singh at offbeat Voice Over Projects Taking Off At Offbeat scale 750x750 300x175Currently working with the BBC One Show on segments of the programme with celebrity chef Tony Singh.

We’ve done several VO jobs with Tony over the past year as well as pieces for the show featuring JJ Chalmers directly for BBC TV and for some third party production companies.

We are currently recording Series 10 of Earthrise with presenter Russell Beard. Its a great award winning series by Al-Jazeera which explores solutions to todays environmental challenges facing the planet.

mary lynn wissner Voice Over Projects Taking Off At Offbeat mary lynn wissner 150x150Had Hollywood casting director Mary Lynn Wissener up in the studio recently along with Voice Coach and Producer Jeff Howell. Very productive meeting and Mary had actually produced a Voice Over with the great Orson Welles.

jeff howell Voice Over Projects Taking Off At Offbeat jeffhowellheadshot 150x150Jeff has worked with Jeff Goldblum, Gregory Peck, Marlon Brando amongst many others.

They both gave us some really valuable insider tips on how to develop and improve our growing VO business which was priceless really. They also complimented the sound we were achieving which was very encouraging coming from these seasoned and highly respected Pros.

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