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    A selection of slides and clips with original music from the Offbeat team. 
  • Caledonian Canal Promo Video

    Short video promoting the amazing Caledonian Canal
  • Liptons Ice Tea

    Offbeat recorded the Commentary for this World famous brand in early 2019. Actor Ziggy Heath recorded the voice over while he was In Edinburgh playing Peter Pan at the Lyceum. 
  • Disney - Frubes

    A Voice Over performed by Brendan Murphy recorded here at Offbeat Studios in Edinburgh for a special Star Wars promotion of Frubes 
  • Russell Howard & Mum

    In 2017 and 2018 Offbeat recorded various episodes of Russell Howards Commentary for Travels with my Mum as well as two episodes of the Globetrotters.
  • The Story Of Film, an Odyssey

    Thanks Mark Cousins! After coming into Offbeat to record his commentary for 15 episodes back in 2012, all other Offbeat voice over projects followed. Winner of The Stanley Kubrick Award for best documentary!
  • Earthrise - Al Jazeera

    We recorded Russell Beard's commentary for the last three series of this amazing environmental series. Including a New York Film Festival Gold Medal for the Ice Stupas Of Ladahk in 2018.
  • Historic Scotland

    Offbeat produced the music for this TV advert for Historic Scotland for Marr Associates in 1994. 
  • Scottish Power

    The music for this Scottish Power advert sell off was composed and produced by Iain McKinna and guitarist Keith More at Sonic Studios for Faulds Advertising in 1989! 
  • Total Oil

    The sound design and music composition for this animated video was created and produced by Offbeat producer and composer Iain McKinna in 2017 for Bloc Digital.
  • Taliskers Whisky

  • Scottish Twitter

    Actor Jason Harvey definitely enjoyed doing the Voice over of these hilarious tweets for the Twitter Exhibition in the Edinburgh Festival in 2019. Have a listen and a laugh!
  • The Eyes Of Orson Welles

    Recording the commentary of Mark Cousins and Jack Claff, this amazing film about Orson Welles won second prize for Best Documentary at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018
  • Future Library

    the future library
    We recorded a podcast for The British Library for the Future Library project in Oslo. projects created in 2014 won't be unveiled until 2114! 
  • CBBC Gym Stars Finale 2019

    With London Hughes recording the commentary, Offbeat recorded her Voice Over for the 2019 finale.
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