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November 20, 2020
Offbeat News November 20/2020

It's November 20/2020 and the Offbeat Studio is busier than ever with projects for Major Broadcasters and Indie Musicians and Producers.

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October 2, 2020
Out Of View Single Out Now

In August Offbeat's Iain McKinna was asked to mix and master the new single See Me Now by the virtual band Out Of View. The band have contributed their musical parts from different locations around Scotland. Producer and Drummer Dougie Bonnar pulled all the performances together on Logic Pro X from his home in France […]

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September 24, 2020
The B - iTunes no1 Singer/Songwriter Chart

The B - aka Brian Lee recorded his song Bad Poetry in the Offbeat studio on 2nd September with Producer Iain McKinna and three weeks later it reached no1 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

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August 15, 2020
Custom Backing Tracks -

"Pandemic Special" What Doesn't Kill You! Using a screen capture app and some iphone footage edited on Final Cut Pro, Iain McKinna has created a demonstration video on how he created a custom backing track for Peel Entertainment for a Dance & Vocal Theatre Group. The video showcases the original Glee version of the track […]

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July 25, 2020
A Ray Of Light - Nemai Ghosh

A Film by Anirban Mitra & Tirtho Dasgupta Nemai Ghosh: A Ray of Light' is an immensely moving story of how an ordinary man came to be associated with Satyajit Ray, a giant of cinema--and how he became the photo-chronicler of Ray's creative and personal world. It pays tribute to the elegance of black and […]

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July 1, 2020
Audio Book Recording

Recording Audio Books by Iain McKinna Since I recorded an audio book with ex Dr Who girl Sophie Aldrid for BBC’s Audio Go a few years ago, I’ve recorded quite a few more since. I now produce and direct Audio books for Canongate Books, Audible and Bolinda Audio, Harper Collins as well as for self […]

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June 24, 2020
Is the World finally ready for The Phonies?

40 years ago, way back in 1980, before mobile phones, fake recording equipment, the internet and social media, four young (ish) men stepped out of their old (ish) hippy garb to liberate themselves from the tyranny of cool to form a band.  The Phonies Phil Phoney - Jamie Campbell - on Lead Vocals, Ron Real […]

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June 5, 2020
Covid 19 News Update by Iain McKinna

Studio Improvements Well it’s been over 10 weeks since the lock-down and we have taken advantage of the situation at Offbeat to completely renovate the studio, update to a new Mac Pro with loads more processing power and invest in a 49inch curved monitor. The monitor allows me to the luxury of loads more real […]

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January 5, 2020
Offbeat 2020... Oxygen provided!

Offbeat enters the new decade in its 27th year in pretty good shape, both with our Music and Audio projects and plans to diversify into Radio Production this year.

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October 26, 2019
Stuart Reid - Children's Author

Grandpa Jock and the Incredible Iron Bru Incident is an extremely entertaining yarn with illuminating references to Climate Change

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September 4, 2019
Offbeat Scotland - Adventures In The Studio

Offbeat Radio Offbeat Recording Studios & Productions in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile have produced a one hour radio show / podcast entitled  Offbeat Scotland - Adventures In The Studio!!  … highlighting just some of the tracks that showcase the amazing diversity that’s been produced at the recording studio now and over the past 25 years, as […]

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May 17, 2019
Skyler Jett & Harmonic Overdrive - Positive Vibes

Music For Global Change Last year Offbeat producer Iain McKinna also recorded Skyler's vocals for the forthcoming single One World by Amsterdam based Friction and Skyler Jett. This world class reggae project The Global Messengers is sounding amazing and has been produced in Frictions home studio. Harmonic Overdrive During a visit to Offbeat last month […]

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May 13, 2019
Sometimes They Get Into The Machinery

Imaginary Creatures The 4th album from Imaginary Creatures is now on release on record shops, and iTunes and all online music distributors. Produced at Offbeat, this album features Cellos, Strings and a Rock based backing of Guitars, Bass & Drums. It's the brainchild of lyricist David Scott who has teamed up with musician and producer […]

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April 18, 2019
Acapella Agogo!

Edinburgh University Acapella Cooperative Nothing quite tests the functionality of a recording studio more than large group recordings which require multi-microphone setups. Cloud 9 MD - A male group of 18 singers, Cloud 9 started the session singing a few tracks together as a group. We set up 9 microphones, some of which were shared. A […]

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February 15, 2019
Plants That Speak, Souls That Sing - Audiobook

Recording an audio book project like this requires serious concentration from the narrator, and in this case Fay did an amazing job of keeping the continuity of the reading both interesting and engaging. We decided to record it in the 'old school' way, so that any mistakes that were made were dropped in over,  so […]

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February 1, 2019
The Last Race - debut single by Out Of View

Back in those halcyon days, when I still had a semblance of hair on my head, our studio was a Midi/Analogue set up and the Guilty Party songs were recorded using this mix of technology. Fast forward to 2019 and Dougie put this recording together, firstly using Garageband and then progressing on to Logic Pro […]

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January 23, 2019
Donna Giffen - A Sentimental Journey

In 2018 she came back into the studio to begin recording an album of classics, starting in July, and completed in early December, and again she knocked us out with the versatility of her vocal range on these tracks. I was impressed from the start with her vocal range. The songs which range from Etta James […]

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January 20, 2019
Ted McKenna - A Tragic Loss

Ted McKenna... by Iain McKinna We are all gutted here at Offbeat as Ted played on quite a few of our productions to fantastic effect. Two Imaginary Creatures albums - Danse Macabre & Sometimes They Get Into The Machinery and  "Maybe Someday" by Chris Summers and on some of Sir Chris Evans Evamore recordings. Sometimes session […]

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December 7, 2018
Music To Lyrics

A Unique Production Service Evamore is a project by Sir Chris Evans who created an album of songs based on letters sent back from soldiers from WW1. The album was a huge undertaking which involved many session singers and musicians. On this particular song I worked out the arrangement based on a rough demo sent over my […]

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December 7, 2018
Kirsty's Blog News - March

Offbeat Projects & News March 2015 Having had a series of important equipment upgrades we have been buzzing all year, the variety of albums, singers and musicians, voice overs and backing tracks has been astounding. BBC Radio 4 We recently had the pleasure of recording a program for BBC Radio 4 with respected journalist Alan Little. […]

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December 6, 2018
Chris Summer – Maybe Someday Album

  Chris’s songwriting styles on the album are Blues, Folk & Rock influences which required different production approaches. The songs were laid down on average of a studio session per week. Chris established each track on Acoustic Guitar and rhythm tracks were created as a template for each song. Bass, Electric Guitar & Keyboards were […]

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December 5, 2018
Award Winning Voice Over Studio in Edinburgh

Earthrise for Al-Jazeera with Russell Beard We are now currently working on Season 8 of the amazing series Earthrise for Al-Jazeera with Russell Beard, and about to embark on a new project for Time/Warner’s Turner Classic Films. In case you missed it, we started doing major Voice Over projects several years ago after meeting Film […]

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December 5, 2018
Music Production – Keeping Creativity Alive.

His parts survived as midi exports which were then re-triggered with a  Native Instruments piano that I had installed as a third party plug in on my Logic Pro-X DAW. Working on his ideas on his iPad was perfect for Mark who didn’t want to get bogged down with gear just to be able to […]

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December 5, 2018
Voice Over Projects Taking Off At Offbeat

Amazing developments in the Voice Over area of our recording studio here at Offbeat in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.   The Eyes Of Orson Welles, a film by Director Mark Cousins, is to be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year. We recorded the voice of Star Wars star Jack Claff who plays the great […]

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December 7, 2016
Gavin Blackie Akademia Award

Gavin Blackie Wins Prestigious Music Award Gavin and Offbeat Producer Iain McKinna co-wrote the winning track Get It On and it features on his recently released album Laid Bare which is available on iTunes. Gavin performed the track ‘live’ at his launch gig at Edinburgh’s Church Hill Theatre to a packed audience in November 2015. Gavin […]

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October 7, 2016
Gavin Blackie Album - Laid Bare

Gavin Blackie – Laid Bare Iain says ” When I first started working with Gav we got immediate results but we have had to go through a process of experimentation to find out what did and didn’t work. Once we hit on the formula some of the songs that initially didn’t suit his style translated really […]

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June 7, 2016
Music To Lyrics

Music To Lyrics – A Unique Production Service Evamore is a project by Sir Chris Evans who created an album of songs based on letters sent back from soldiers from WW1. The album was a huge undertaking which involved many session singers and musicians. On this particular song I worked out the arrangement based on a rough […]

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March 7, 2016
Skyler Jett at Offbeat

Skyler Jett – Grammy award winning singer ‘at Offbeat’. This extremely talented singer is full of energy and charisma and you can easily while away your afternoon listening to his many stories about his career in the music business. Skyler not only grew up in a musical family but was surrounded by and sung with so […]

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January 7, 2016
2016 off to a great start!

2016 Gets Off To A Great Start 2015 was another amazing year at Offbeat. 2016 is lining up to be outstanding as it gets off to a great start with Ross Munro’s single Gravel Path (from his ground breaking album Twisted Traditions -Greentrax Records) reaching no1 in the Celtic Radio Charts. The album was produced here at the Offbeat Studio. The BBC/Swedish movie Stockholm […]

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July 7, 2015
Danse Macabre - Imaginary Creatures

Imaginary Creatures album release ‘Danse Macabre’ Lyricist David Scott started off many years ago originally writing fiction and by using his creative writing skills he discovered that he could write lyrics which started seriously from 1995 to 2000 where  he had a fertile period writing many lyrics for his own amusement. This culminated several years later and gave him […]

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May 7, 2015
Ross Munro signs to Greentrax

Ross Munro signs to Greentrax Well all his hard work has paid off as the hot news is that after an introduction by us at Offbeat he has just signed a recording licensing contract with  Greentrax Records, who will be able to distribute the album worldwide to all of Ross’s many fans. And so Ross […]

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April 7, 2015
Offbeat news from our Edinburgh Recording Studio

Offbeat news from our Edinburgh Recording Studio. THE PRODUCERS BLOG GAVIN BLACKIE – LAID BARE (album) In the past couple of months we’ve picked up the pace with Gavin Blackie’s debut album Laid Bare and I am is now mixing six of the tracks he co-wrote with Gavin for the album. The album was started back in 2013 but […]

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March 7, 2015
Pamela Stephenson Connolly – Josie Long

Pamela Stephenson Connolly – Josie Long It was fantastic to meet the Australian Sound Designer Derek Wilson who recorded all the spoken parts and announcements for the show. Pamela Stephenson Connolly, who is producing the show, and other members of the cast came into the studio the day before the opening of the show – which was […]

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January 6, 2015
Offbeat News - Kirstys Blog

Hot News From Offbeat – Kirsty’s Blog WOW, it’s been a fantastic year so far for OFFBEAT RECORDING STUDIOS with lots of fantastic new talent and interesting projects – the outcome being seven albums of varying styles. from Dance, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Folk and even World. J.A Connor’s composition OPEN YOUR MIND has reached Number One in […]

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June 18, 2014
Vigilante & Spytec Hip Hop Album Trilogy

My son, Producer  Paul McKinna aka Vigilante talks about how he put together his mega trilogy of hip hop albums with producer Spytec based on his favourite movies. To get in touch with Paul about making beats for your tracks Contact Us. “I started making Hip Hop beats when I teamed up with Profisee to […]

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March 6, 2014
The Voice UK Showcase BBC TV 2014

The Voice UK Showcase for Series 4 at Offbeat   We had seventeen unique acts in the Offbeat studio ranging from opera to jazz to pop, rock and soul. Thanks to Rich Anderson and Dave Valentine for their superb recommendations and our Kirsty did a great job of looking after the singers prior to their […]

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January 6, 2014
The Butterfly’s Dream – Imaginary Creatures Debut Album release

In early January 2014 we put the finishing touches to the tracks and sent it off to be manufactured for its current release on David’s label. The album, which is over an hour in length, consists of 14 original classic rock songs. In the studio, David approached each song with a strong vision in his […]

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