March 12, 2021

Rory Bayliss Chalmers - How I Produced His Alternative Rock Sessions

rory bayliss chalmers

Saving Money In the Studio

Working in tandem with artists who have their own home setup and bringing in session players who also have their own recording studio can save a lot of money for our clients and get a top quality result too!
tobias haas
A young and very vibey dude called Rory Bayliss Chalmers got in touch with me after writing and recording some Alternative Rock tracks on his GarageBand set up on his laptop at home.
Rory is a guitarist and vocalist and he pretty much had it all together on his own setup. All the tracks were sounding pretty good but when he came up to the studio to take them further, I suggested that for his style of music he really needed real drums because he was trying to emulate a real drummer electronically which was Ok but however hard you try and program drums to sound real, they can never be as good as it played by a great Drummer. I suggested pulling in Tobias Hass from Germany to play on three songs with me on Bass. I've worked with Tobias on many sessions now and we've developed a great working relationship in the remote recording situation.
So Rory came up to the studio for his first 4 hour session and we transferred his stuff from GarageBand from his laptop into Logic Pro X. From there we tidied everything up and got a nice monitor mix together and then Rory laid down proper Vocal tracks to replace his demo versions surprisingly quickly.
Then we prepared some tracks for Tobias by supplying a click track with just a stem of the bass guitar on its own and then a separate stem of all the guitars and the vocal and then another stem of the programmed demo drums. We then fired the tracks over to Tobias using dropbox.
Basically all Tobias does is open the arrangement inside Logic in his home studio in Germany. He then laid down three takes for each track which he sent over to us, and then I sent that off to Rory so he could review all the drum tracks to decide which takes he wanted for each song.
Next it was back into Offbeat and then we really got to work on balancing up everything in the studio against the new drums, some of which needed to be tightened up a little bit to the click.
Once we’ve done that it’s just a case of Rory taking those tracks back to his laptop back to the house and maybe tightening up some of the guitars, and again, he could do that at home saving himself a fortune in studio time.
For recording guitars you don’t really need a phenomenal recording set up it’s all very mid-rangey and you can get great sounds even with an in-expensive audio interface.
Then when he tightened up his guitars the parts that didn’t really gell with the drums it was back into the studio to mix and then finally master.
That all took a total of three x 4 hour sessions for a great three track demo using technology to save the client money and make the studio time a much more efficient and productive process.
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