July 1, 2021

Offbeat Summer Playlist 2021

offbeat playlist summer 2021

Offbeat Recordings

Listen to these examples of some of the best Singer/Songwriters and Studio production projects recorded here at the Offbeat Studio in Edinburgh.

 Production Projects

Blogpost Written by  Producer Iain McKinna

Choosing tracks from a great range of productions that we’ve done here Offbeat, I put together this 'Offbeat Summer Playlist 2021' and hope you enjoy the range of just some of the really creative vibey and talented people who have recorded here in the studio in Edinburgh's Royal Mile. This is by no means an exhaustive list of who’s been in the studio, but rather a playlist of tracks which we think worked really well together.

HERE IS A LINK to the full playlist which we hope you enjoy!

Track 1 - Back To You by Richard Davidson Jnr


Richard is currently producing his debut album of original material which is not yet released. On this great Pop song, all theKeyboards, Synths and Programming is by Richard and Acoustic & Electric Guitars and Bass were played by me. I also Mixed and Mastered the track. His Lead and Backing Vocals are stand out in this radio friendly song.

More About Richard

richard davidson singer songwriter composer

Richard Davidson Jnr is a fantastic Keyboard Player, Songwriter and Vocalist and he does most of his work in his home studio in Auchterarder, he then sends the multi-tracks over to Offbeat where they are Mixed, and in some cases Instruments added by me and then Mastered.

Both Richard and I currently collaborate together on Logic pro X for this project. I first worked with him about 7 years ago on a single for Robert Maitland's label Smart Indie.



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Track 2 - Days Of Fire by Imaginary Creatures


This track is from the album THE BLOOD OF ANGELS With Lead Vocals by Brian Rice, the Lead guitar was by Keith More, and Electric Violin and Backing Vocals were by Kirsty McKinna with Guitars, Bass & Drums by myself.

working on music to lyrics at offbeat studios

More about Imaginary Creatures

Imaginary Creatures, is the brainchild of lyricist David Scott from Crieff in Scotland.

David has recorded four albums at Offbeat which I produced and played most of the instruments on, except for some exceptionally talented session musicians who were employed to play on various tracks on the albums. David's influences are from the 70's era and he managed to get, Joe Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult, one of his heros, on the album Dance Macabre which I also produced. Offbeat Scotland will soon be releasing a compilation of my favourite tracks from all four albums.



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Track 3 - I Only Tasted The Rain by Chiara Lordi


On this lovely song, Chiara plays Piano, Strings, Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals. I’m playing Bass and Drums to accompany her.

A fair amount of the Piano and Lead Vocals on the song was recorded live in the studio to preserve the freestyle feel of the verses and end section in particular.

More About Chiara

chiara lordiChiara Lordi Is 19 years old and currently lives and studies Classical Piano at The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. She has been developing her song writing and recording here with me at Offbeat over a few years now. It's been a privilege to be a part of her journey and to hear how much she is developing as an artist over the years, culminating in this great song with beautiful Piano and Vocal arrangements.


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Track 4 - Shadows On The Moon By Lesley Young


This evocative and atmospheric song is played on Acoustic Guitar by Lesley, who also sings Lead Vocal. She decided to take a very minimal approach to the song, so there are no overdubs apart from the main parts on the song. Lead Guitar by John McKay-Clements and Bass and Acoustic Drums by myself.

lesley young

More About Lesley

Lesley Young currently lives in Montréal Canada. She visited Edinburgh twice in consecutive years with guitarist John McKay-Clements and recorded a series of tracks with me at Offbeat which are about to be released on Bandcamp.


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Track 4 - You Inspire Me by Harmonic Overdrive


On this track Kirsty McKinna plays Electric Violin and sings Lead and Backing Vocals. Ted McKenna plays drums and I’m playing everything thing else. The song was featured on BBC introducing, on the Tom Robinson Show. You can watch the video here

More About Harmonic Overdrive

kirsty mckinna and iain mckinna from harmonic overdrive, holding their instruments - violin and guitarHarmonic Overdrive It’s a music project by myself and my wife Kirsty McKinna. We have completed our debut album and most of the music is done by ourselves except for some special guests.



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