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kirsty logan

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Since we recorded our first Audio Book with ex Dr Who girl Sophie Aldrid for BBC's Audio Go several years ago, we have gone on to record two books for Kirsty Logan (above) for Bolinda Audio in Australia and more recently for publishers Harper Collins, as well as recording audio books for self-published artists (see below).

When submitting an audio book for any platform, there can be no mistakes. At Offbeat, the narrator can leave the technical aspects of the project to us and just get on with the enjoyable process of performing their work.

Creating the right atmosphere for a good reading is vital — and our cosy creative recording space, along with our tried and tested recording methods, will ensure a great result.

big questions from little people

Big Questions from Little People

by Gemma Elwin Harris - read by sophie aldrid and andrew sachs

Former Dr Who girl Sophie Aldred has 104 books on Goodreads with 9359 ratings. Sophie Aldred's most popular books are Into the Water & Big Questions from Little People by Gemma Elwin Harris which was recorded here at Offbeat. 

Goodreads - "Author Gemma Elwin Harris has lovingly compiled weighty questions from precocious grade school children--queries that have long dumbfounded even intelligent adults".

The Gracekeepers

by kirsty logan

Commissioned by Bolinda Audio In Australia, author Kirsty Logan narrated her debut compelling fantasy adventure herself. The book is over 90,000 words in length and it took 4 x 6 hour sessions to complete the book, including editing. 

The Guardian - "In this vivid debut, rising water levels have swallowed the soil and survivors cluster on islands and boats".

The Forever Christmas Tree

The Forever Christmas Tree


This fiction / romance novel by famous US author Sandra Hill was commissioned by Harper Collins and read by Megan Tusing. Most of the book was recorded in Megans home studio in New York and during a visit to Edinburgh in 2018, she read sections of the book here at the Offbeat studio.

Fresh Fiction - "The Christmas bells are chiming across the Outer Banks town of Bell Cove, North Carolina, but there’s one local ‘grinch’ who’s not listening."

Plants That Speak, Souls That Sing

by fay johnson

Author Fay Johnson published and narrated her debut novel herself. As well as being full of useful information about the life of plants, Fay takes a spiritual approach to the subject and includes some of her own Shamanic Chanting and Drumming performances on the recording. Each chapter is preceded with a singing bowl sample too.

Goodreads - "Presents practical ways to rekindle your connection with nature and open up to plant consciousness as a way to enrich your spiritual path"
plants that speak, souls that sing

The Gloaming

by kirsty logan

Following on from the success of Kirsty Logans debut novel The Gracekeepers, Bolinda Audio commissioned another audio-book, The Gloaming, which Kirsty also narrated here at Offbeat in 2018. The paper version of the book was published by Penguin.

The Scotsman - "Kirsty Logan is very talented and in tune with current literary fashion. She calls her new book “a queer mermaid love story set on a remote island that slowly turns its inhabitants to stone. It’s a difficult marriage to make, a fine balancing act; Kirsty Logan brings it off, daringly skirting disaster."

Grandpa Jock & The Incredible Irn Bru Man Incident

by stuart reid

Accomplished childrens author Stuart Reid has written eight very successful kids books and now he narrates his first audio book with this engaging and exciting tale which somehow manages to weave the serious issue of climate change into a crazy and entertaining story. The recording was sprinkled with sound effects (including some hilarious fart sounds) which helps bring this zany adventure to life.

Nicola Sturgeon - "Fantastic!! Well done"
grandpa jock
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