Music Production

Music Production

A music producer has many roles during the recording process and the making of a record. Traditionally a record label would entrust the making of the record to a producer who's job it was to marry the labels needs with the artists.

Choosing A Music Producer

Nowadays the artist themselves often employ a producer to ensure the quality of a recording for use in various mediums. The recording process can be time consuming and expensive and an experienced producer will steer sessions to a successful outcome and be able to work within an agreed budget to achieve the best possible result. A good producer should actually save you money in the recording budget.

There are many different kinds of producers and you need to know which is the best choice for your particular project. Some want to be in complete control and expect the artist to conform to their methods of working. Here at Offbeat we take a collaborative approach and work closely with artists to get the result they want. Our attitude is that it's your name on the record and as such you need a recording that represents exactly what you are about. If you are unclear about that at the outset, we will definitely suggest ways to come to an agreed vision of the production.

When the choosing a producer the main criteria is that you like the sound they produce and the recording methods they use to create a production.

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Types of Music Producer

Composer Producer

This type of producer normally works with their own material and self-produces for the mediums in which they operate: Film/TV, Radio etc..

Beat Maker/DJ Producer

This kind of producer is what you would require for creating beats for hiphop, drum & bass, grunge and then recording and mixing for various genres of dance music.

Songwriter Producer

Someone who writes their own material and is able to self-produce to a broadcast standard level.

Executive Producer

This kind of producer usually is in overall charge of the money and is often employed by a label to oversee and keep tabs on the recording budget. This kind of producer doesn’t generally have to have hands on experience of equipment but is able to communicate to a recording engineer how they want the production to turn out.

Musician Producer

At Offbeat, producer Iain McKinna is also a highly experienced recording engineer, arranger, composer, musician and songwriter who will bring the wealth of his knowledge, experience and fresh ideas to your project. 


Engineers don’t have to have musical ability but are able to use the equipment in the studio as an instrument. Ideal for artists who want to produce themselves but who perhaps don’t have the technical expertise with studio technology.

The Producer's Role

Types of Music Producer

As there are quite a few different types of music producer, their roles can sometime seem a little confusing. However it’s vitally important that you find the right one for your particular project.
Regardless of the type however, the following tasks are generally in the remit of a producer.
  • Supervising the entire process through the recording, mixing and mastering stages. 
  • Coordinating ideas for the project with the artists involved.
  • Selecting songs, instrumentation and working with session musicians.
  • Working with the composer(s) on song arrangements.
  • Coaxing performances from the artist and musicians in the studio.

In our view undesirable types of producer are those who exert so much control on your music that it becomes unrecognisable to you. Having all your suggestions shut down is more than unhelpful and highly unproductive. Working together in a collaborative way is the best way forward.

In the same vein, a producer who offers no guidance and doesn’t warn the artist where things are going wrong isn’t much use either. If the producer isn’t adding anything new to the project then you might as well be producing yourself!

Music Production


1. How much does a production cost?

Each project has different requirements, so once we know how long a song is, how many instruments are involved and what style of music you are making, we'll work out a recording schedule and price for your production. You may be surprised how affordable a master recording can be when working to a plan!

2. Why do I need a producer?

Working to a plan can actually save you money in the studio if you are making a record for release — and that’s where a producer comes in. If you have a vision for your music, a producer can make that vision into a sound that suits your style.

3. What’s unique about Offbeat?

If you're a solo-artist, singer or songwriter and need musical accompaniment for your recordings, Offbeat can provide all the musical support required to make a great production. So if you just write and play one instrument and want to hear a full band sound without having to find musicians and rehearse — and everything else involved in making your vision real — get in touch!

4. Can you work in my style of music?

If you have a demo — however rough — of your music then send it in so we can let you know if this is a style we can work in. Offbeat has previously produced music authentically in Rock, Pop, Dance, Hiphop, Jazz, World and Classical styles.

5. I live outside Scotland, how do I work with Offbeat?

We work with artists Worldwide and have devised methods of producing tracks remotely. Check out the Remote Production section to find out more.

6. Can you work using my own recordings?

Yes we can work from your recordings if the quality is good enough. Just send in a version so we can evaluate if we can work from it.

7. Do you do re-mixes?

Yes we can remix tracks either with you attending the session or working remotely.

8. I don’t play any instruments, is that a problem?

No, we often work with singers and lyricists who create melodies, and can write music from that.

9. What is a remote recording?

If you live abroad, or in this country, we can still produce music with you. Using Dropbox file sharing technology we can work on recordings with anyone, anywhere in the World that has an Internet connection. Dropbox is free for up to 2 gigabytes of information, more than enough to transfer at any one time.

10. How long does it take to record a song?

Each song has different requirements, once we know how long a song is, how many instruments are involved and what style of music you are making we'll work out a unique recording schedule together from which we'll be able to estimate a time for the recording.

11. Will you promote my music?

No, Offbeat isn’t a promotion company, that’s the role of record labels and management companies. We work with companies of all kinds in the music business and can sometimes put artists in touch with third parties, but it’s not our principal business.

12. I am a solo artist, can you help with musical accompaniment?

Yes, we can provide all the musical instrumentation you need for your recordings. Go to the Musical Accompaniment section.

13. I am musician who needs a singer on my recordings, can you help with this?

Yes, we can suggest singers that suit the style of your music.

15. Can you help me develop my own music and sound?

Yes, definitely, this is something we excel in .

16. Will you try and change my music?

Not at all. Unless, of course, you want us to. We'll go through a process of discovery to find out exactly what you want to achieve and then we'll help you to make that happen. It’s your name on the record so the music has to represent you 100%.

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What artists say about Offbeat Music productions


Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter
“Iain has a genuine enthusiasm for his clients and patience by the bucket-load, and being an accomplished musician himself he adds enormously to the arrangements, both in terms of ideas & playing the instruments.  The best pair of ears in the business!”


Singer/Songwriter from LA
“Iain was a consummate professional and perfectionist when it came to working on my project. I was consulted with every step of the way leading up to the final product.  Definitely not the last project with this incredible producer.”


Guitarist with Lindisfarne
“Very enjoyable session at Offbeat – Iain got a great acoustic Dobro sound straight away with minimum fuss. The technology’s all there but equally important is the friendly vibe and comfortable atmosphere.”


Guitarist with G3, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney,
"Iain & Kirsty's musical talent, productions and friendly helpful attitude have always been second to none. If you are looking for top notch productions look no further”!!!


Canadian Singer/Songwriter
“This was the best recording experience we’ve had together to date! Always enthusiastic, Iain is a talented multi-instrumentalist”.


Bass Player with Kate Bush, Elton John & Pilot
“The song and the production is excellent. Nice playing. What a fantastic view from your rooftop. Top class”
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