Music For Lyrics

Our specialist music for lyrics service is a unique way to turn your lyrical ideas into fully fledged original musical arrangements.

If you are a lyricist and are keen to find out how your creations translate to music, our specialised music for lyrics service is ideal for you. 

We work closely with you to find out the musical style you need for your lyrics.

We have worked with many singers and songwriters too and may be able to suggest singers for your ideas if required.

As well as including musical parts with Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards and Backing Vocals, we work with many well known and talented session musicians worldwide here at Offbeat. Working remotely using file sharing technology with musicians around the world, we can find the right musicians for your songs.

Depending on your budget, we can pretty much get anyone you want for your music to lyrics project. Quite often however, musicians who are extremely talented and affordable, but perhaps not famous, may be exactly what’s needed for your project.

Our music to lyrics service is ideal for non-musicians. See below.

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Not A Musician? 

No Worries, Not A Problem!

You don’t have to be a singer or musician to avail yourself of our music for lyrics service. Ideally, we would require a melody line with lyrics for us to create a musical arrangement to. You can just send us a rough mp3 of you humming musical ideas or singing the melody into your phone or recording setup and we can work from that, as we have done before. 

Although we prefer to work from a melody line, we can also create melodies for your lyrics if you have a style or reference track that you can supply us with. The more information and references we have to work with, the easier we can achieve the result you are looking for.

We have created some very diverse arrangements and compositions this way. Sometimes, as well as suggesting a general style of music to suit the lyrics, writers include reference tracks of music they think would suit the style of their songs. This can be a good way of ensuring that the production is relevant to your ideas.

Just send over the track information (or YouTube links or mp3s of the music references) and we can work on music to lyrics from that… without actually copying the songs directly of course!

If you are a musician and have written your song on an instrument and need full musical accompaniment for your composition, then you can just send over a basic demo recording so that we can evaluate what’s involved in producing a track for you.
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