How To Book Into Offbeat


Need an immediate session? Call us now to see if we've had a cancellation.


Are We Right For Each Other?

To find out if we can work together, we need to know the style of music you require. So if you have a demo, please send us your mp3 files so we can see if we're the right fit for your music.


Time To Plan Ahead

As we're generally booked a month or two ahead, it's always a good idea so if this works for your project then do get in touch by calling us or using our contact form.


Budget Experience

Once we've established we can work together and have agreed to produce your music, you'll obviously need a recording budget for your project. We have plenty of experience helping our clients work out their budgets and we can help you with that too. 

What We Need To Know

(As much information as possible about your music)

Because every project is different, it makes it a lot quicker for us to give you a more accurate estimate of recording costs if you provide us with some basic information up front:

• The length of the material
• The instrumentation required
• The complexity of the material
• The style of the music

Don't worry if you haven't decided on this yet, as we can help you reach those decisions, but it won't be possible to give fully accurate costs until we know this information.

Are You human?

It helps — but is not always essential.

Further Reading

Find out more about our onboarding process below and also check out our Case Studies to get a first-hand idea of what you can expect at Offbeat.
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