Kirsty McKinna

Musician. Vocalist. Studio Manager.

Kirsty McKinna is the studio manager for Offbeat Studios and is also an Electric Violinist and Vocalist. She started out in the music business in 1983 as a backing vocalist on the Zed album, a solo project by Iain McKinna.

Kirsty and Iain toured in Italy and Holland and did gigs and radio sessions in the UK including Capital Radio in London before moving to the Isle Of Skye to record a four track album. They then recorded tracks with Producer and vocalists Chris Harley aka Chris Rainbow at Heartbeat Studios in 1985, followed by more productions by Chris at Palladium Studios with guest Drummer Martin Hess, Saxophonist Bill Innes & Percussionist Dave Haswell.

In 1987 they started Sonic Studios where Kirsty began her studio management career working with many local and International acts for major and Indie record labels and management companies. During this period they formed The Harmonics and recorded an album of songs entitled Sonic Waves with percussionist Dave Haswell. They won the Music In Scotland Trust award for best song Living The Dream and gigged locally, sometimes with guitarist Derek Hawthorne.

In 1991 Iain and Kirsty went to Portugal and worked in a live circuit in the Algarve before returning to Edinburgh to start Offbeat. Since then Kirsty has appeared on many recordings of local and International acts including:

Tam White (Album) Hold On

Paul Lucien (Single) Heavy Rotation

Sir Chris Evans (Album) Lest We Forget

Pat McGlynn's Storm (EP)

Mark AG (EP) Louder

Chris Daly (Album) Maybe Someday

Tawanda Muchemwa (Album)

Maria Muller

Skyler Jett (Single) Something's Wrong

Gavin Blackie (Album)

Norine Mindeyes (Single) United

Storm Gordon (Single) Wild Is The Wind

Hamed Kane - (Singles) Talibe & Never Too Late

The Jimi McRae Band (Album) Kick Out The Ghosts

Fulgor  (Performance Art Show)  Algarve

Tony B - Album

Imaginary Creatures (Albums) The Butterfly's Dream, Danse Macabre, The Blood Of Angels, Sometimes They Get Into The Machinery

Harmonic Overdrive  (Single) You Inspire Me

Jim Connor (Album) Somewhere On The Journey


Drifting Around

In 2001 she joined The Jimi McRae Band and gigged extensively at UK Music Festivals and In France and China. Her unique Electric Violin styles featured heavily on the Instrumental album Kick Out The Ghosts. Other major gigs included T In The Park, Hampden, Blues In The Park & Stirling Castle.

In 2015 she released an album under the name Offbeat Kirsty, entitled Secret Of The Heart, in which she demonstrated a wide range of Vocal styles and Electric Violin. Her video Drifting Around is available to watch on Youtube.

In 2018 she sang lead and played Electric Violin on the debut single You Inspire Me by Harmonic Overdrive which achieved local and National airplay on BBC Radio 6 and is featured on the BBC Music website. The band are currently working on new songs for further releases in 2018/19.

You Inspire Me

Kirsty sang lead vocals on the single and played Electric Violin. The video was filmed in the Isles of Scotland and Edinburgh and other locations including the Birks O' Aberfeldy.

BBC Presenter Tom Robinson said on his show BBC Introducing "Iain & Kirsty McKinna's music jumps straight out of the speakers, propelled by the brilliant drumming of Ted McKenna of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band".

Secret Of The Heart

Released on the Offbeat Scotland label this album features the vocals and Electric Violin of Kirsty McKinna performing songs written by Iain McKinna in a range of styles that demonstrate the dexterity and fluidity of Kirsty's vocal and instrumental skills.

Kick Out The Ghosts

In this instrumental album  featuring music by Rock Piper Jimi The Piper and Iain McKinna, Kirsty McKinna shows off a range of Electric Violin styles that perfectly compliment the Pipes and creates a contemporary feel that give the music a unique flavour.
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