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Q&A - Scottish Music producer iain mCKINNA


1. How far in advance do I need to book with Offbeat Music Productions

Once we have found we can work together and that my music production is the right fit for you and that you're music strikes a chord with me, we can look at booking some sessions. Typically this can be from one to three months in advance.

2. How much does a music production cost?

Each project has different requirements, so once I know how long a song is, how many instruments are involved and what style of music you are making, I can work out a recording schedule and price for your production. A master recording can be affordable when working to a plan.

3. Why do I need a music producer?

 Working to a plan can actually save you money in the studio if you are making a record for release — and that’s where a producer comes in. If you have a vision for your music, a producer can make that vision into a sound that suits your style and will work to get the very best recordings out of your musical ideas within your budget. To steer your project to a successful conclusion through every stage of the process from pre-production to recording, mixing and mastering.

4. What’s unique about Offbeat Music Productions?

If you're a solo-artist, singer or songwriter and need musical accompaniment for your recordings, I can provide all the studio facilities and musical support you need to make a great production from start to finish, with musical accompaniment and access to session musicians if required, . If you've written as song on one instrument - or even if you are a lyricist or songwriter who doesn't play an instrument - and you need a full musical arrangement without having to find musicians and rehearse, this is what I do.

5. Can you work in my style of music?

If you have a demo — however rough — of your music then send it in so I can let you know if this is a style we can work in. Offbeat has previously produced music authentically in Rock, Pop, Dance, Hiphop, Jazz, World and Classical styles.

6. I live outside Scotland, how do I work with Offbeat?

We work with artists Worldwide and have devised methods of producing tracks remotely. Check out the Remote Production section to find out more.

7. Can you work using my own recordings?

Yes we can work from your recordings if the quality is good enough. Just send in a version so I can evaluate if we can work from it.

8. Do you do re-mixes?

Yes I can remix tracks either with you attending the session or working remotely.

9. I don’t play any instruments, is that a problem?

No, I often work with singers and lyricists who create melodies that they can sing or hum, and can write music from that.

10. What is a remote recording?

If you live abroad, or in this country, I can still produce music with you. Using Dropbox file sharing technology we can work on recordings with anyone, anywhere in the World that has an Internet connection. Dropbox is free for up to 2 gigabytes of information, more than enough to transfer at any one time. I also use Skype, Zoom, Source Connect and Soundwhale.

11. How long does it take to record a song?

Each song has different requirements, once we know how long a song is, how many instruments are involved and what style of music you are making we'll work out a unique recording schedule together from which we'll be able to estimate a time for the recording.

12. Will you promote my music?

No, Offbeat isn’t a promotion company, that’s the role of record labels and management companies. We work with companies of all kinds in the music business and can sometimes put artists in touch with third parties, but it’s not our principal business.

13. I am a solo artist, can you help with musical accompaniment?

Yes, we can provide all the musical instrumentation you need for your recordings. Go to the Musical Accompaniment section.

14. I am musician who needs a singer on my recordings, can you help with this?

Yes, we can suggest singers that suit the style of your music.

15. Can you help me develop my own music and sound?

Yes, definitely. And collaboration can get amazing results

16. Will you try and change my music?

Not at all. Unless, of course, you want me to. We will no doubt go through a process of discovery to find out exactly what you want to achieve and then help you to make that happen. It’s your name on the record so the music has to represent you 100%.

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