Imaginary Creatures

Imaginary Creatures is the brainchild of lyricist David Scott. Since teaming up with Offbeat's Iain McKinna in 2013 they have produced 4 albums together. Typically David comes to the studio with musical influences for each track and strong ideas about the musical arrangements. Iain then interprets them and inserts his own style and influences into the material.

On the first album The Butterfly's Dream, one of the songs Everybody Goes Insane was covered by Blue Oyster Cult's Joe Bouchard who went on to guest as slide guitarist on a track on the second album Danse Macabre.

Other contributors to the project include: 

  • Brian Rice - Lead Vocals
  • Keith More - Lead Guitar
  • Seonaid Aitken - Violin
  • Kirsty McKinna - Backing Vocals & Electric Violin
  • John Burgess -Sax
  • Cameron Jay -Trumpet
  • Wendy Weatherby & Ron Shaw - Cellos
  • Ted McKenna - Drums


Imaginary Creatures

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Imaginary Creatures

Mr Teddy Bear is from the most recent Imaginary Creatures Album, Sometimes They Get Into The Machinery

  1. Mr Teddy Bear
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