January 12, 2019

Sometimes They Get Into The Machinery

Imaginary Creatures

This unique album by lyricist David Scott features 13 great tracks with an emphasis on Cellos & Strings. 
Teaming up again with Offbeat musicians and producer Iain McKinna, this long association built up over 7 years bears fruit in this collection of songs which are loosely inspired by early ELO recordings.

Imaginary Creatures

The 4th album from Imaginary Creatures is now on release on record shops, and iTunes and all online music distributors.

Produced at Offbeat, this album features Cellos, Strings and a Rock based backing of Guitars, Bass & Drums. It's the brainchild of lyricist David Scott who has teamed up with musician and producer Iain McKinna to create this complex soundscape. The album took nearly two years to produce and features a host of great session musicians who have helped to make the virtual band around David's ideas.

Cellos by Ron Shaw & Wendy Weatherby
Viola by Seonaid Aitken
Sax by John Burgess
Lead Vocals by Brian Rice & Iain McKinna
Guitars, Bass & Keyboards by Iain McKinna
Drums by Ted McKenna
Additional Vocals by Kirsty McKinna

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