January 23, 2019

Donna Giffen - A Sentimental Journey

Donna Giffen - Gifted Singer

We first had Donna in the Offbeat studio in 2017 when she came into the studio to record a demo showreel of her voice overs. We were astounded by the range of voices she managed to pull off ranging from differing accents and animation cartoon characters.

In 2018 she came back into the studio to begin recording an album of classics, starting in July, and completed in early December, and again she knocked us out with the versatility of her vocal range on these tracks.

I was impressed from the start with her vocal range. The songs which range from Etta James to Doris Day are not easy tracks to pull off but paying careful attention to the keys, her performances were vibey, sensitive and never laboured.

She spent a fair amount of time prior to the sessions to find the best backing tracks available for the tracks she wanted to include and this attention to detail paid off.

Donna's post on Facebook

ALBUM NOW AVAILABLE - iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.. **
So happy, this album is now online! Recorded at Offbeat Studios & Music Production in Edinburgh with the amazing Iain McKinna, it's packed with some of my favorite songs from the best era and 20% of proceeds are going to a great charity Playlist for Life! See all info below!!!! THANK YOU for the support (and tolerance of all my posts #sorryonlyaweebitsorry)

(and more.... just pop the name into search field wherever you listen)

"Sentimental Journey"
Wishing to combine my love of music, specifically from the 20s-60s, which has been for my passion for as long as I can remember, and dust off the vocal cords while raising money for charity, the Album Sentimental Journey was born.
Music is a powerful, transformational tool for us throughout many moments in our lives and I wanted to focus some light, good energy and fundraising opportunity for a charity with the mission of music as therapy for people living with dementia.
I'm happy to have found the wonderful charity Playlist For Life who will receive 20% of Album proceeds.
Find out more about Playlist for Life here: www.playlistforlife.org.uk
#playlistforlife #sentimentaljourney


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