December 6, 2018

Chris Summer – Maybe Someday Album

Maybe Someday

Throughout most of 2017 Chris Summer came into the Offbeat studio to record an album of self penned songs written on Acoustic Guitar. His musical style include everything from John Coltrane, Muddy Waters, Van Morrison, the Beatles, the UK indie scene and beyond.


Chris’s songwriting styles on the album are Blues, Folk & Rock influences which required different production approaches. The songs were laid down on average of a studio session per week. Chris established each track on Acoustic Guitar and rhythm tracks were created as a template for each song. Bass, Electric Guitar & Keyboards were played by Offbeat’s Iain McKinna and the session was engineered by Max Cardownie.

Notably Fraser Speirs

The songs evolved over time and eventually guests were invited to join in the sessions. Notably Fraser Speirs on Harmonica on a few tracks who added another dimension to the sound. John Burgess on Sax and Cameron Jay on Trumpet added some great brass parts to some tracks.

Heartbeat Studios

Once all the tracks were properly laid down, Chris and Iain went to Edinburgh’s Heartbeat Studios to record the drums of Sensational Alex Harvey, Taste & Michael Schenker drummer Ted McKenna who replaced the guide drum tracks with amazing performances which completed this great collection of highly original songs.

Maybe Someday by Chris Summer is available on iTunes, Spotify and on the links below.

or the CD can be obtained from:

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