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Audio Book Recordings at Offbeat

Whether you are a book publisher, an independent company or a self funded author, if you need a recording studio in Scotland that understands the process of creating a professional Audio Book then Offbeat is the best choice. 

We produce and direct Audio Books from start to finish for major publishers, Penguin Books, Harper Collins, Bolinda Digital and Edinburgh based Canongate Books as well as independent publishers and self published authors, many of who also narrate their own work.

Steve Worsley is the in house Audio Book producer here at Offbeat, with 10 years experience as a narrator. You can see some of his work featured below. He can record. produce and even direct your project if required.

The idea of recording a narrative of between 50,000 and 100,000 words can be a daunting process. Needless to say there can be absolutely no mistakes in the recording. One thing we learned after recording many audio books is that by contrast most other voice / narrative projects are relatively easy in comparison.

The specifications for platforms like Audible are quite strict. It’s important that record levels are consistent throughout, this seems an obvious point but as with all voice only audio, these issues can be deceptively difficult as there is nowhere to hide in these types of recordings. Things like chair noise, fidgeting, paper turns, lip smacking have to be paid close attention to.

Producing an audio book means taking full responsibility for delivering an error free work and directing involves keeping the narrator on script and steering the performance along consistent lines throughout the entire work.

Creating just the right atmosphere for the narrator is important too. To find out costs and to schedule sessions for your audio book project we hope you will consider our studio, we would be delighted to hear from you.

For top quality, professional audio book recordings in a warm friendly atmosphere...

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"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Iain and the Offbeat team. A friendly and professional service and the end results were excellent".

Joanne Lord - Head Of Audio & Online                          Canongate Books
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the gracekeepers audio book recorded at Offbeat

The Gracekeepers

by kirsty logan

Commissioned by Bolinda Audio In Australia, author Kirsty Logan narrated her debut compelling fantasy adventure herself. The book is over 90,000 words in length and it took 4 x 6 hour sessions to complete the book, including editing. 

The Guardian - "In this vivid debut, rising water levels have swallowed the soil and survivors cluster on islands and boats".

A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away


A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away (2001) is Christopher Brookmyre's sixth novel. It features the first appearance of policewoman Angelique de Xavia, who is one of the main characters in The Sacred Art of Stealing (2002)

Anti-terrorist forces are put on alert when it is learned that the notorious international terrorist the Black Spirit plans to perform an attack on an unknown British target.

"Brookmyre has frequently been compared to the American thriller writer Carl Hiaasen, who certainly shares a glee in social grotesques. This novel suggests, however, that Brookmyre is growing closer to Ben Elton"

the island audio book recorded at Offbeat

The Island


.The chilling new psychological thriller by Ben McPherson, author of A LINE OF BLOOD.
A family torn apart…
With Norway in shock, the families gather, desperately hoping their children have survived. Some have their prayers answered. Some must confront their worst nightmare. But for one family, this is just the beginning…
The Island Audio Book was narrated by Steve Worsley and Produced by Iain McKinna for Harper Collins.

The Female Archangels


Calista McGillivray, a spiritual author and speaker, is an accomplished writer, she was a best selling Hay House author with her first book Unicorn Rising.
The audio book is interspersed with meditations with accompanying music and preceded with sound fx of Tibetan bells to denote to the listener which part of the chapter they are listening to.
The audio book was produced & directed by Iain McKinna at Offbeat 2020.
the watchmakers wife



A scattering of confetti and Johanna is carried over the threshold into a cramped house he had promised was so much bigger.

After ten years in domestic service Johanna is determined to make the best of her marriage to watchmaker Willie Lockhart, but is haunted by memories of the man she loved, and lost to the Great War.

The more Willie tests her mettle the fiercer grows her love for her dead soldier, a man she barely know. As a marriage built on lies, drink, and fiddle music chips away at her dignity, the past becomes a happier country.

This is the story of one woman’s hopes, poverty, struggle and survival. It is a story of life, love and finally, of choice.

The Red Red Snow


Offbeat's second audio book project commissioned by Canongate Books, this murder mystery story by Caro Ramsay is narrated by James McPherson.
Called to investigate the bloodstained aftermath of an eventful Christmas party, detectives Anderson & Costello discover that the holiday season can be anything but merry.
Caro Ramsay was born and educated in Glasgow. She has been writing stories since she was five years old, Produced and Directed by Iain McKinna for Canongate Books
the red red snow audio book recorded at Offbeat
alan parks

Bobby March Will Live Forever


This is the first audio book we have been commissioned to produce for esteemed International publishers Canongate Books in Edinburgh for author Alan Parks.

Recording takes place in January 2020 with narrator James McIntosh who has voiced all of the previous works by Alan.

The third dark and gripping Harry McCoy thriller from the most exciting new voice in Scottish noir

Interestingly, Alan was in the music business before becoming a successful author

A potent tale of death … Alan Parks’s excellent first novel propels him into the top class of Scottish noir authors … Detective Harry McCoy … is so noir that he makes most other Scottish cops seem light grey”
The Times, Book Of The Month

The Black House


The Blackhouse is the first novel of The Lewis Trilogy[1] by the Scottish writer Peter May. All Audio Books were narrated by Offbeat's Steve Worsley.

A suspense thriller, the action takes place mostly on the remote and weather-beaten Isle of Lewis off the coast of northern Scotland. The protagonist, Detective Inspector Finlay Macleod (known as Fin), a native of the island, is sent from his Edinburgh police station to investigate the murder of a man who, it transpires, was the bully at Fin’s school. 

The modus operandi of the crime resembles a murder that Fin recently investigated in Edinburgh, so there is the possibility of a common perpetrator.

"Peter May is a writer I’d follow to the ends of the earth — which is where he takes us in THE BLACKHOUSE (Silver Oak, $24.95), the first novel in a projected trilogy featuring Detective Sergeant Finlay (Fin) Macleod of the Edinburgh police force." NEW YORK TIMES
the black house

The Forever Christmas Tree


This fiction / romance novel by famous US author Sandra Hill was commissioned by Harper Collins and read by Megan Tusing. Most of the book was recorded in Megans home studio in New York and during a visit to Edinburgh in 2018, she read sections of the book here at the Offbeat studio.

Fresh Fiction - "The Christmas bells are chiming across the Outer Banks town of Bell Cove, North Carolina, but there’s one local ‘grinch’ who’s not listening."

Plants That Speak, Souls That Sing

by fay johnson

Author Fay Johnson published and narrated her debut novel herself. As well as being full of useful information about the life of plants, Fay takes a spiritual approach to the subject and includes some of her own Shamanic Chanting and Drumming performances on the recording. Each chapter is preceded with a singing bowl sample too.

Goodreads - "Presents practical ways to rekindle your connection with nature and open up to plant consciousness as a way to enrich your spiritual path"
plants that speak, souls that sing audio book recorded at Offbeat

Cold Granite


Cold Granite is the debut novel written by Stuart MacBride. It features Detective Sergeant Logan McRae as its central character, who works for Grampian Police in Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Logan McRae went on to feature in a series of books which became a bestseller series for MacBride.

" Detective Sergeant Logan McRae returns to work in a freezing Aberdeen after a long recovery from stab wounds, and within minutes he is investigating a series of horrific murders and child abductions". THE GUARDIAN

The Gloaming


Following on from the success of Kirsty Logans debut novel The Gracekeepers, Bolinda Audio commissioned another audio-book, The Gloaming, which Kirsty also narrated here at Offbeat in 2018. The paper version of the book was published by Penguin.

The Scotsman - "Kirsty Logan is very talented and in tune with current literary fashion. She calls her new book “a queer mermaid love story set on a remote island that slowly turns its inhabitants to stone. It’s a difficult marriage to make, a fine balancing act; Kirsty Logan brings it off, daringly skirting disaster."
grandpa jock audio book recorded at Offbeat

Grandpa Jock & The Incredible Irn Bru Man Incident

by stuart reid

Accomplished childrens author Stuart Reid has written eight very successful kids books and now he narrates his first audio book with this engaging and exciting tale which somehow manages to weave the serious issue of climate change into a crazy and entertaining story. The recording was sprinkled with sound effects (including some hilarious fart sounds) which helps bring this zany adventure to life.

Nicola Sturgeon - "Fantastic!! Well done"

Haunted Voices


This Audio book involved 31 different authors, may of whom recorded at the studio as well as some archive material from the School Of Scottish Studies. Lovingly put together by Rebecca Wojturska. Authors include:

Fiona Barnett , Paul Bristow, David Brown, Anna Cheung,Pauline Cordiner, Chris Edwards,Fran Flett Hollinrake, Gavin Inglis, Sheila Kinninmonth, Kirsty Logan, Seoras Macpherson, Ali Maloney, Daru McAleece
Conner McAleese, Jen McGregor, Paul McQuade, Ricky Monahan Brown, Jude Reid, Max Scratchmann, Sean Wai Keung, Dave Watson

EH Podcasts - "Upon listening the recordings are very clear, high quality tracks. We hear between male and female narrators for certain or specific types of the stories. Tales that really caught my ears were “The Priest of Forvie”, “Tala in the Woods”, and those are just some"

haunted voices audio book recorded at Offbeat
big questions from little people audio book recorded at Offbeat
sophie aldrid audio book.jpg

Big Questions from Little People

by Gemma Elwin Harris - read by sophie aldrid and andrew sachs

Former Dr Who girl Sophie Aldred has 104 books on Goodreads with 9359 ratings. Sophie Aldred's most popular books are Into the Water & Big Questions from Little People by Gemma Elwin Harris which was recorded here at Offbeat. 

Goodreads - "Author Gemma Elwin Harris has lovingly compiled weighty questions from precocious grade school children--queries that have long dumbfounded even intelligent adults".
  • “It’s always a pleasure working with Offbeat – top quality audio and speedy delivery!”
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    Alex Harris-MacDuff

    VOQUENT - Senior producer
  • "Great to work with you again with Russell Howard at Offbeat"
    phil niland

    Phil Niland

    AVALON PRODUCTIONS. Director & Producer
  • “Brilliant recording studio, perfect to record our podcast. Iain is great and really helpful. Definitely recommend this studio for its central location near to the train station.”
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    Craig Barton

  • "Love doing Voice Overs at Offbeat. Great set up and atmosphere."
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    JJ Chalmers

    Presenter for The One Show & Sunday Morning Live for BBC TV
  • Hopefully we can work together on another title soon! This wasn’t a straightforward record so thank you for your understanding every step of the way, it was greatly appreciated.
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    Oli Grant

    Literary Editor - Penguin Random House
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