Mark Cousin's The Eyes Of Orson Welles won a second prize for Best Documentary at Cannes Festival.

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Voice Over History

It would be fair to say that film director Mark Cousins has proved both catalyst and inspiration in our voice-over success since we first came together in 2009.

We met at one of our fun group recording sessions booked for a birthday celebration. Mark was there because he lived locally. We got talking and by the end of the session he'd booked in to record a voice commentary.

It wasn't just any voice commentary either.  It was a fifteen part series for Film 4 and based on the book Mark had written called The Story Of Film, an Odyssey. In fact it went on to achieve a Stanley Kubrick award for Best Documentary and made a great impression at all the prestigious film festivals where it featured.

After the success of the series — you don't change a winning formula — Mark came back to Offbeat to record further projects including What Is This Film Called Love, Stockholm My Love (with Neneh Cherry), and most recently The Eyes Of Orson Welles which won a Cannes Festival second prize for Best Documentary.

Once the word got out, we began to pick up more and more Voice Over jobs and have since worked for many broadcasters — including BBC TV and Radio, Sky TV, Turner Classic Movies — as well as recording indie projects for an array of film makers who are producing documentaries, short films and adverts. See our Client list for a full resumé.


"To Iain, in admiration. "
Mark Cousins
Film Director & Presenter


The studio is very well equipped for just about any project and we have dial in facilities for working remotely with anyone on the planet and have coordinated recordings with clients in USA, India, Dubai, Europe and all over the UK.

Our location in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is extremely convenient and has helped to make us the No. 1 destination for Voice Recording in Edinburgh. Getting such to discuss your Voice project.

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