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What Is This Film Called Love

Went to the premiere of What Is This Film Called Love by Mark Cousins last week and really enjoyed it. As with The Story Of Film it’s interesting to be involved in the recording of the commentary of the movie without actually seeing any footage. It makes the experience of seeing the end result all the more interesting and surprising.

What Is This Film Called Love  What Is This Film Called Love What Is This Film Called Love1

Having recorded the voices of artist Alison Watt and actor Ewan Bremner for the film, Mark decided in the end not to use Ewan’s voice as the voice inside Mark’s head, and used his own commentary instead. The film has some really fun and also some sad moments as he walks across Mexico City with a cheap handheld camera conversing with his hero, film director Sergei Eisenstein. The review at the bottom of this blog explains the theme of the movie so I don’t have to, but I was inspired to try and get out there with my own camera and film stuff more instead of waiting for the right kind of equipment one thinks is necessary to make a film. However Mark manages to make a evocative, amusing and thought provoking film out a budget of £5.80 and not everyone can do that!

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Film Commentary – Mark Cousins & Ewan Bremner

Mark Cousins is back in the studio working on commentary for his new film, What is this film called Love?. The movie is about  Mark walking for 20 miles from one side of Mexico City to the other on his own, whilst filming and having an imaginary conversation with his hero Sergei Eisenstein, the pioneering Soviet Russian film director and film theorist who died in 1948.Film Commentary – Mark Cousins & Ewan Bremner eisenstein 196x300 Eisenstein spent a lot of time in Mexico and Mark retraces his steps. The movie will feature music by P.J. Harvey.

Film Commentary – Mark Cousins & Ewan Bremner ewan bremner web 300x239Actor Ewan Bremner came to the studio this morning to record some commentary for the film. Mark is coming back to record his voice later today and again next week as the film is set to be premiered at the forthcoming Edinburgh Film festival in June.

Mark has recorded commentary here at Offbeat for his Films, The First Movie & The Story Of Film prior to this new project.