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Shut Up and Dance – Khylune Tham Official Video

Shut Up and Dance, the new single by LA based singer Khylune Tham has received over 40,000 hits since being posted on youtube.

Khylune Tham pictured performing  Shut Up and Dance – Khylune Tham Official Video khylune pic1The track was produced at Offbeat last year and was remixed here again earlier in 2013 before it’s final release. After being asked to produce the track by Khy, based on an acoustic guitar demo by co-writer CJ Watson, I created this arrangement playing Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Rhythm Guitars before inviting guitarist Keith More to add the lead lines and  Offbeat Kirsty to add backing vocals. I then involved  local rapper Sparky to add the middle section which Khy and CJ wrote.

Check out the video.

Read my past blog about Keith More, C.J Watson and Khylune’s foster Dad Artie Mogul, who discovered Bob Dylan and owned United Artists.

Khylune – Shut Up & Dance

Khylune – Shut Up & Dance khy 3 I’m currently working on creating the music and producing the single Shut Up And Dance for the truly gifted LA based Malaysian singer Khylune here at the Offbeat Studio. It’s a fantastic example of a Multinational & International Remote Production. Once the backing track for the music is completed I will Dropbox it to Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia where Khy will record the vocals before sending the resulting takes back for me to Mix and Master here in Scotland.

Khylune – Shut Up & Dance keithmore2I’ve also involved Guitarist Keith More in the project. Keith has his own studio in London so he will be recording the guitar parts there and Dropboxing them back to me to insert into the track. See previous blog about Keith.

The song was written by Khylune and  Nashville based songwriter CJ Watson, author of “The Everything Songwriting Book” and “Essential Songwriting”. CJ’s songs have been recorded by Khylune – Shut Up & Dance cj watsonJames Otto (Mercury), Lisa Shaffer (Lyric Street), Jason Whitehorn (Arista), Mustang Sally (Curb) and others and Trent Jeffcoat (Montage) made a video of Watson’s “Forever Hold My Peace”.  Find Out more about CJ.

Khylune – Shut Up & Dance artei mogullKhylune’s extended years spent in Palm Springs were greatly influenced by his late foster Dad, the famous Artie Mogull.  He was the producer and A&R executive who discovered or signed, among others, Bob Dylan, Laura Nyro, Bill Cosby, Olivia Newton-John and Wilson Phillips.

At various times, Mogull worked for nearly every major pop music label, including Warner Bros., Capital Records, and MCA, and for several years in the 1970s he was president and then owner of United Artists Records. Still hard at work until the end, he founded a new label, Insane Records, dedicated to distributing music via the Internet. Find out more about Artie Mogull.