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The Algarve’s biggest ever Theatre Arts Performance FULGOR took place in 2002. It took 150 people three months to prepare this one off breathtaking spectacle and it involved 75 performers combining acrobatics, high wire work and dance along with stirring visuals provided by magnificent sets, pyrotechnics and fantastic lighting effects.

Working with Beau McClellan, Offbeat’s Iain McKinna worked on a highly-tailored original music composition for the production. The entire show was accompanied by a continuous musical score, written and produced by Beau and Iain, which matched the action so perfectly one had the impression of attending a seamless and state-of-the-art ballet. It involved four stages on one hole of a golf course which was torn apart for the event. Performers came from Portugal, UK, Brazil, France and Spain to take part.fulgor-strip1  Artists – Fulgor fulgor strip1

A studio was designed by Beau and Iain especially for the event. It took three weeks to create the music from scratch working with several choreographers including Judite Da Silva, who created the idea for the show. Judite had drawn sketches on each scene from the show and the music was created from these. The only way to syncronise the music for each scene at the show was to write the tracks longer than were required as it wasn’t possible to predict the length of each scene until the event actually took place, The multi-tracked recordings, which were created on Logic Audio, were mixed ‘live’ by Iain at the event and was coordinated using walkie talkies from each of the four stages managers.

fulgorstrip2  Artists – Fulgor fulgorstrip2

Iain first met Beau in the 80’s and was MD for a band Beau played drums in called Cruise. Beau worked with Iain creating TV ads at Edinburgh’s Sonic Studios in the late 80s.

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