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Piefinger ‘A Dali Surprise’ Album

A Dali Surprise by Pie Finger  Piefinger ‘A Dali Surprise’ Album project pf1Ex-Fire Engine drummer and Win keyboard player RUSSELL BURN recorded most of this RUSSELL BURN  Piefinger ‘A Dali Surprise’ Album lsolo album for Creation Records in Spain but one of the tracks from the album ‘A Dali Surprise’ entitled Let Them Drip Gold was recorded at Edinburgh’s Sonic Studios and featured the members of The Fire Engines who reformed just for this track.

In 2010 Russell formed the band Spectorbullets with Swedish singer songwriter Gustaf Heden, and he and Heden composed the score for the 2010 film Mexicali. They released their debut album Spectorbullets to critical acclaim on Burn’s own record company, Mayakovsky Produkts, that he set up with record boss and writer Innes Reekie.
Burn has also worked as a record producer, including production work on Davy Henderson’s band The Sexual Objects.
He is the brother of actor Tam Dean Burn and the two brothers starred in the film Brotherly Love. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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