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The Harmonics ‘Sonic Waves’ Album

sonic-waves  The Harmonics ‘Sonic Waves’ Album sonic wavesWhile running Sonic Studios from 1987 until 1992, Studio owners Iain McKinna & Kirsty Anderson recorded a series of acoustic guitar based songs under the name The Harmonics with Percussionist Dave Haswell.

As this was the age of MIDI, the album was programmed on a Akai MPC Drum machine/sampler. The studio ran on 16 track analogue tape but by recording a SMPTE code on an outside track, it was possible for the first time to sync up and expand a small studio into a pro project studio at an affordable price usinga range of samplers and midi modules. Using this technology the album fused acoustic and live percussion with midi instruments creating an interesting blend. in 1992 a track from the album Living The Dream won best song for the Music In Scotland Trust.

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