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Hamed Kane – Akassa

Artist - Hamed Kane - Akassa  Hamed Kane – Akassa project akassa2HAMED KANE from Senegal is a Bayefall (Sufi) formerly the Serere tribe.. His music was composed on three unique Khin drums which Hamed actually made from Antelope skin for his debut album AKASSA. The drums were designed to play three musical parts: Bass, Rhythm and solo parts.

The album was commissioned and released Worldwide by International distributors STERNS music in London. Iain produced the album and played Guitar, Bass and Keyboards after being persuaded by Hamed to play on the album. This worked out amazingly well considering the cultural differences between them. The recording process was also complicated slightly by language difficulties but the musical communication more than made up for this.

The recording process was fascinating for Iain as Hamed played one drum at a time to build up the sound. It only made musical sense when the third drum part was added and until this point he found it a perplexing process. All the drum and rhythm parts and the musical parts took a total of one week prior to mixing. The drums were recorded using just one Nuemann U87 microphone.

akassa-collage  Hamed Kane – Akassa akassa collage


They both did a series of promo gigs together, including live performances at Edinburghs Bongo Club as well as recordings for BBC radio Scotland and BBC World Service. The album also achieved extensive International radio play and became one of Sterns best selling World Music albums in 2000.

Hamed Kane – Akassa logos sternsThe album also was well received in Senegal where it was widely distributed as a bootleg. It was the first ever release of Bayefall music and is still considered a classic in World Music circles.

“Working with Iain has been a great experience which I believe transcends all spiritual barriers. Thanks to Offbeat for their full contribution to the first ever release of ‘Bayefall’ music” HAMED KANE (Senegalese drummer and vocalist)

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