Original Music Production & Edinburgh Recording Studio


Select from each of our vaults to get an idea of just some of the diverse projects we are involved in

Voice Overs VOICE OVER PROJECTS 200x200
Bloc Digital – Total Lubricants bloc 200x200
Offbeat Rhythm Section ‘Sound On Sound’ album Sound on Sound SLEEVE 200x200
Offbeat Kirsty – ‘Secret Of The Heart’ Album projects secret of the hear21
Imaginary Creatures – The Blood Of Angels thebloodofangels 200x200
Tam White ‘Hold On’ Album project tamportrait 200x200
Fulgor – Performance Art project fulgor 200x200
The Royal Scots Dragoons ‘Spirit Of The Glen’ Albums project spiritoftheglen1 200x200
The Nectarine no 9 ‘A Sea With Three Stars’ Album project nectarines 200x200
Hamed Kane – Akassa project akassa2
Mike Heron ‘Where The Mystics Swim’ Album project mh 200x200
Piefinger ‘A Dali Surprise’ Album project pf1
Spoonfed Hybrid – Album project spoonfed 200x200
‘Selection Box’ Compilation Album project sb1 200x200
David Ell ‘Welcome To The Ball’ Album album cover 1 200x200
John McNairn ‘Borderland’ Album borderland jm 200x200
Jimi The Piper – Three Album Projects project piped 200x200
Roots Reels & Rhythms ‘Album” roots reels 200x200
One Voice – Album one voice 200x200
Global Partnership 2 ‘Album’. project gp 200x200
Talitha Mackenzie ‘Solas’ Album project tmc 200x200
Custom Backing Tracks custom btracks 200x200
Offbeat Vaults – Assorted Segments OFFBEAT VAULTS ASSORTED SEGMENTS 200x200
Offbeat Vaults – Slide Shows OFFBEAT VAULTS who we work with 200x200
Offbeat Vaults – Video Selection OFFBEAT VAULTS video selection 200x200
The Story Of Film ’15 part TV Series’ Film 4 project Story of film32 200x200
The Harmonics ‘Sonic Waves’ Album sonic waves 200x200