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Music Production Project Examples

There are many approaches to producing a track here at Offbeat depending on the song and the artist(s) involved. Here we explore some different projects I worked on, some of which include an audio clip of the songs before and after the productions. These are just examples – it’s the song or track that dictates how it’s produced and there are as many ways to approach music as there are different styles. It may sound obvious, but I’ve  found that simply following what the song tells me to do usually works best.

International music production examples

Khylune – Malaysian Singer

Services Used: Offbeat remote production & music creation

I am recently created  the music for singer Khylune’s next single Shut Up & Dance. The song was penned by US songwriter C.J. Once the music was created the backing track was sent to Malaysia where Khy  added vocals prior to the track being mixed and mastered. he then drop-boxed the vocal takes to me in Edinburgh. The track also featured guitarist Keith More who  recorded in his own London Studio. This was a truly International collaboration only made possible using file sharing technology.

In the following examples all the artists/producers were using different music software.

Ryan Singh – Percussionist. Edinburgh to Delhi

Services Used: Offbeat Studio & remote recording

Percussionist Ryan Singh came into the studio to record his track Taweet with his musician friend Dave and an array of loops and samples of Indian percussion. After creating a backing track based on Dave’s keyboard parts along with Ryans percussion parts blended with loops we had a backing track with no vocals on. I then added an Electric Bass & Rhythm guitar track. The track was Dropboxed to a studio in Delhi where the vocalist laid down his performance. The track was then sent back to us and we simply dropped it into our arrangement to complete the recording.

Flying Colours – Duo – Sending rhythm tracks halfway around the world

Services Used: Remote recording & Offbeat studio

Music Production Project Examples COLOURSNew Zealand based Guitarist & Vocalist Jamie Campbell and I used to be in the band Flying Colours in the early 80s. Last year we decided to revamp some of the songs we had wrote together working remotely using the file sharing app Dropbox. First Jamie recorded his guitar and vocals on his PC using Cubase. He sent over the seperate guitar and vocal files to me here in Edinburgh. I opened up the studio files in Logic and added the real drums and Bass to the tracks along with a organ track. I then mixed the track and sent it back to him for his comments. He then sent me notes of how he wanted the track remixed and i did the final adjustments.

Joey McDowall – Vocalist- Backing tracks from the USA

Singer Joey McDowall was in the studio recording a couple of pop demos. The backing tracks were written with her US writing partner and producer Steve Dorff.

Steve lives and works in L.A. and N.Y.. The backing tracks were originated in his studios there. Joey brought them into the Offbeat Studio where we recorded the vocals and once again after recording was complete, the tracks were sent back to the States for final mixing and production.

Examples produced locally

Calypso – Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist – Providing Rhythm Section for a song

Services Used: Offbeat Studio

Calypso Brown - Singer/Songwriter  Music Production Project Examples CALYPSO1 238x300

Singer/Songwriter Calypso plays acoustic and electric guitars so on her great song OMG we began by recording guides of her guitars and lead vocals. I then played Drums followed by Bass on the track while playing along to her guides. Once this was completed she then replayed her parts to lock in with the rhythm section parts. She then added all the overdubbed parts until she was happy with the result.

Gavin Blackie – Vocalist & Lyricist – Winner of Edinburgh’s Got Talent -Songwriting Collaboration

Services Used: Offbeat Studio

Music Production Project Examples GAV 300x194

Singer Gavin Blackie writes songs with melodies and lyrics but he doesn’t play any instruments. We have worked on a several songs together this way and the results have been great. Gav will sometimes let me hear records he likes and without copying anything, this forms the basis of the style of the production. We  start by working out the tempo for the song and then Gavin will sing each section of the song and we build up the arrangement on the principal instrument we’ve decided to base the song on. This could be acoustic or electric guitar or piano or synths depending on the style. Each stage of the instrumentation process is approved by him as we go along so that he is achieving the result he wants.

Nothing To Surrender – Project Example
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Movin’ On by Iain McKinna – www.offbeat.co.uk

Pipedreams – Band – From gigs to the studio

Services Used: Offbeat Studio

Pipedreams - Celtic Rock Band  Music Production Project Examples pipedreams exWorking with Rock piper Jimi McRae, drummer Dave Haswell and Electric Violinist Offbeat Kirsty  and myself on Bass & Keyboards we created this album based on tracks we had tried and tested arrangements playing gigs with the Band. In the studio we began by having Jimi play the pipe parts along with a click track and we then laid down guide tracks of bass and electric violin. The important thing about guides is not the sound or accuracy but the parts are perfectly in time so that when we began focussing on laying down the proper drum tracks, Dave was able to rely on the parts he was playing along with being in time.  Once the drum tracks were finished we then went back over all the instruments and laid them on top of the finished drum tracks, this time focusing on the sound, tuning and performance elements of the overdubbed parts.

Pascoe Hooper – Solo Pianist – Recording live performances

Services Used: Location & Offbeat studio

Pascoe Hooper’s album ‘Gifts’ is an unaccompanied selection of piano intrumental compositions. Pascoe chose St Stephens Church Hall to record the album and I transported my MAC with Logic Audio installed, my Metric Halo Analogue to Digital convertors and two Nuemann U87 microphones to capture a simple stereo recording of his performances. The recording stage took around four hours to complete on a Yamaha Grand Piano as pascoe was well rehearsed. Sometimes we did multiple takes and edited the best performances together back in the studio. This worked surprisingly well considering ther was no click track. After this we then mixed the best versions together in the Offbeat Studio to complete the album.

The Abbey Stills – Band – Co production project – local & International

Services Used: Home studio & Offbeat studio

Valentina Cazzola - Singer with Abbey Stills  Music Production Project Examples valentina 300x281Songwriter Graham Hannah and Singer Valentina Cazzola work at their home studio using Cubase to record their songs. They bring audio tracks and midi tracks on a disc into the Offbeat studio where I then add Bass & Drums to replace their programmed rhythm parts. We then mix together their parts along with mine to create a final result. Sometimes Valentina re-records her vocal parts here too. Using this formula we have now worked on two albums of their songs.

We are also working on tracks where the music has been been recorded in Italy and Valentina is recording her vocals here at Offbeat. The vocal tracks are dropboxed back to Milan where they are mixed and mastered by Valentina’s brother Alessio Cazzola.