Original Music Production & Edinburgh Recording Studio

Production and Studio Pricing

Each music production project is unique

If you are a singer or songwriter and you have written a song that requires a full music arrangement you may think this is unaffordable for an unfunded, unsigned artist. And normally, you would be right. Hiring musicians and somewhere for them to work, rehearsing their parts and achieving a level of performance that works in the studio is a tall order and may feel far out of your reach and budget.

But here at Offbeat we strive to make this all possible, using tried and tested methods – but without applying blanket formulas to your music. As each project is unique, we can’t publish exact audio production rates here – we need details like track length and instruments required in order to provide our tailored, individual music production service that guarantees the very best from your sound – but we strive to keep costs affordable without compromising on the finished product – your music!

Whether you’re looking for a custom backing track, original music composition for theatre or TV, session players or wanting to record an album, get in touch for a quote to see how we can help you.

So how do we arrive at a price?

A unique recording schedule for your project has to be created after being discussed with you at length, with your overall budget in mind. I have developed many strategies to get the best out of a limited budget over the years, and with a flexible approach from both sides it’s possible to achieve a top end production result with a modest budget. Working together, we can make the unaffordable possible. Get in touch with me and with more information I’ll be able to give you a quote for your project.

Recording studio prices

Offbeat is primarily a music production company and our studio is mainly tied  up in specialist projects that we are working on. If you are interested in full production for your music, please visit our music production page. However, if you would like to hire a recording studio in Edinburgh, our studio rates including use of a recording engineer and use of our full range of instruments are very competitive. We offer discounts for block bookings and off peak sessions. To find out about availability and costs, please get in touch.