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Musical Accompaniment for Solo Artists

Offbeat Musical Accompaniment and Session Musician Services

One of the main music production services people come to me for is help with instrumentation on their songs/tracks. Solo artists (singers, songwriters and composers) can achieve a lot working on their software platforms using plug-ins and samples etc., but sometimes there is no substitute for real instruments, or combinations of programmed and real instruments.

Professional musical accompaniment can make all the difference between a good demo recording and a great music production. With a background as a session guitarist and arranger, I also play rhythm section parts – guitars, bass and drums and sometimes keyboards. Beyond this, where budget allows I also use expert session musicians on a huge range of instruments.

Artists are sometimes concerned that they may not want me, or studio musicians I work with, to influence their ideas. Being a songwriter myself I fully understand and am sensitive to this. Check out some of my music production and recording project examples to read about the tailored, individual approaches I take to productions.