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Music Production Designed For You

Offbeat’s aim as a music production company and expert sound engineers is to work closely with you on what you want to achieve on your recordings.

Our approach is collaborative, it’s your name that’s associated with your music and we are mindful of that in the way that we work.

You can hear a wide range of examples of professional music recordings on our audio player below

  • You could be a solo singer, songwriter or composer requiring musical accompaniment on a Demo or Master.
  • You might be a band making a single or an album.
  • Perhaps you are a multi-instrumentalist who just needs a great music production service or a company requiring original music for your project.
  • Even if you are a lyricist and don’t play any instruments – whoever and wherever you are – Offbeat can help realise your musical ideas.

Creative production solutions!

“Working as a musician, producer and sound engineer  at Offbeat puts me in touch with many creative artists and companies in the music and arts business. I work both at our fully equipped studio, based in the heart of Edinburgh, as well as on location across Scotland and the UK… and remotely with people online all over the world”. – Iain McKinna (head producer).

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Listen to a selection of edited versions of tracks from the Offbeat Vaults.

These encompass a wide range of musical styles including, Rock – Pop – World Music – Folk – Classical – Jazz – Hiphop as well as other Unclassified genres of music.

Offbeat doesn’t apply production formulas to our clients music and the success of our recordings lies in treating each piece of work as a unique entity.

Listen to some music production examples

This way we can work with any style of music production and this is demonstrated in the selection of music on the audio player here. We are unable to publish everything we have producer on the player for copyright reasons.

Prior to working on music production we always like to meet with our clients and talk through the various approaches that are possible, once we have established exactly what you hope to achieve with your project.

If we are working remotely with people from parts of the country, or indeed anywhere on the planet, we can talk on Skype or communicate by email if you prefer.

Read our FAQ section for questions we are commonly asked

If you don’t require music production and just need a studio to produce yourself or to work with your own producer … or to record a voice over … visit our recording studio page