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Custom Backing Tracks

Professional custom backing tracks created for your exclusive use

custom backing tracks custom backing tracks Custom Backing Tracks custom bass

Quality custom backing tracks created for your exclusive use. Backing for your original music suitable for:

Studio recordings. Wherever you are on the globe you can take the custom backing tracks we create for you into a studio near you and record your own parts. Or you are welcome to visit the Offbeat studio to add your parts to the recording once the backing is completed to your satisfaction.

Live performances for Theatre, Gigs or TV performances (minus your ‘live’ parts).

Theatre or Film Soundtracks or Sound Effects.

Creating a custom made backing track here at Offbeat, either replicating or creating original music, takes a considerable amount of time – especially if it’s a complex piece of music. You can purchase ready made backing tracks quite cheaply from companies like karaoke-version but the problem for serious artists is that many performers will be using the exact same tracks. These companies recoup the costs of their recordings by selling the same track over and over again, and that’s why they are so cheap to purchase.

A custom made track can only be sold once as they are for exclusive use of the artists using them.You will need a realistic budget, but it’s  certainly less expensive than hiring seperate musicians/vocalists yourself and booking a studio to record in. Read My Blog about costing a Custom Backing Track.

Hear an extremely wide range of examples of our backing track productions at the foot of this page.

Millions of backing tracks are available online at very cheap prices and of varying quality. The problem for serious artists is that anyone can download and use those very same backing tracks. That’s where we come in……

….. at Offbeat we create quality, custom backing tracks, meaning that each backing track created is for your own exclusive use. No one else will have the same custom made backing , created in any key that suits you, we can either faithfully work from your demo recording or put together a different arrangement and instrumentation if required.

We create custom backing tracks from a wide pallet of live and sampled instruments, sound designed to suit a range of styles. If the budget allows we can also employ our roster of top class session musicians to add to your tracks.

We can also provide professional broadcast standard backing tracks for your original music and music scores are available on request. We can also produce pro custom backing tracks for your original song from a demo.

Contact us to submit an enquiry for an estimate for a track.

This video was created for a custom backing track we produced for Pink Floyd’s song Wish You Were Here.

Music to Lyrics

If you are a lyric writer who needs original music for a song you’ve written, Offbeat can provide music in a wide range of instrumentation depending on your budget – from a simple acoustic guitar backing to a full band arrangement. Find out more about our music to lyrics service.