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Imaginary Creatures

Since working with lyricist David Scott on his music project Imaginary Creatures , Iain McKinna has produced three albums together exploring David’s wide range of mainly Rock & Jazz Rock musical influences from the 70’s.

As with all the Imaginary Creatures albums so far, David Scott dictates the arrangements of the music and the influences for each track. This is then interpreted by Iain’s Guitar, Bass & Drum parts.

Imaginary Creatures Albums

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The Butterfly’s Dream

Starting out in 2007 on the album The Butterfly’s Dream, Imaginary Creatures lyricist David created a smorgasbord of styles in which he crammed as many influences as he could into the album. As is quite common with a first album, perhaps too many styles competed with each other as this had been the culmination of many years of work and was a showcase of differing lyrical and musical styles, but the track Everybody Goes Insane caught the attention of one of Davids main influences Joe Bouchard, formerly co-founder and bassist with Blue Oyster Cult. Joe used the lyric as the basis for his own song which appeared on the Blue Coupe album “Million Miles More“, with David credited as a co-writer. A video was also made of the song.

Danse Macabre




As a huge fan of the band this was a major achievement for David and encouraged him to continue making another album with Offbeat producer Iain McKinna. David says “Offbeat Studios is a really great place to come and work. Iain’s professionalism and dedication to getting the best possible result are matchless, and it’s a very comfortable environment to work in. I feel right at home there!”

Danse Macabre was a more solid and contiguous collection of songs featuring the ted mckenna imaginary creatures imaginary creatures Imaginary Creatures ted 150x150excellent Drumming of ex Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Taste, Michael Shenker Band Drummer – Ted McKenna. With Iain McKinna (no relation) on Bass & Electric Guitar and Lead Guitarist Keith More and Keyboard Player Rich Anderson a more solid and consistent sound was now beginning to emerge for Imaginary Creatures.

The Drums were recorded at Edinburgh’s Heartbeat Studios by Dave Valentine and Ed Logan with whom producer Iain McKinna has had a long association with since the making of his album Zed with producer Chris Harley (Chris Rainbow) back in 1984 along with Kirsty McKinna on Vocals. The resulting drum tracks were brought back to Offbeat to be incorporated into the production of the album. Joe Bouchard chipped in by adding an excellent Slide Guitar on the song Caliban on the album.

Check out the track The Sea on the audio player to hear an edited version of the song to get a flavour of the album Danse Macabre.

The Blood Of Angels

in 2015 David & Iain began the recording of the third Imaginary Creatures album The Blood Of Angels in which David’s Jazz and Jazz Rock influences began to be fully  explored. Sax Player John Burgess & Trumpet player Cameron Jay were employed to develop Brass scores Iain had written for the album and the excellent track Lost In The City Of The Night, which has echoes Alexis Korner and an edited version is also featured on the audio player.

Vocalist Brian Rice was brought in to share Lead Vocals on the album with Iain McKinna and this improved the production sound and gave more expression to the range of David’s lyrics as a result.

Pip Burnett was invited to sing Lead Vocals on the heavily Jazz orientated song A Fateful Night In A Film Noir World , along with vocals by Kirsty McKinna which also featured award winning Jazz Pianist Brian Kellock. Pip & Kirsty feature on Backing Vocals throughout this Imaginary Creatures album.

Keith More guested again on Lead Guitar Solos on a few tracks on the album. Keith has played Guitar with Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Joe Satriani, Paul McCartney and many other major artists.

Joe Bouchard wasn’t involved directly on the Imaginary Creatures third album The Blood Of Angels but upon hearing the results, he emailed in to say, “I just want to tell you I’m blown away because that album is good. I love the emotional depth. It’s all good.”

Sometimes They Get Into The Machinery

imaginary creatures Imaginary Creatures iain mckinna david scott imaginary creatures 300x283Most of 2017 has been taken up by the production of Imaginary Creatures fourth album Sometimes They Get Into The Machinery.

This Imaginary Creatures album is influenced musically by the sound of early ELO in their experimental phase which involved musician Roy Wood along with Jeff Lynne.

Needless to say, Cellos feature heavily on the new Imaginary Creatures songs and Cellists Wendy Weatherby and Ron Shaw have been brought in to add their talents to the album.

Again, Vocalist Brian Rice is involved along with Lead Vocals by Iain McKinna who is also involved in the music and production for the album.

The album is currently approaching the end of the recording phase. Final Cello parts are being added in the early part of 2018 and the completion of the new Imaginary Creatures album project is scheduled for around Spring 2018.