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Harmonic Overdrive

Harmonic Overdrive is the band name for the original music compositions of Iain & Kirsty McKinna.

They are currently recording their debut album and have now completed their debut single I’ll Keep On Waiting, which will be released on ITunes in early 2018.

The Electro – Acoustic album that’s underway consists of new original songs based on a unique blend of  voices and Acoustic & Electric Guitars & Electric Violin & Electronic sounds.




All the Harmonic Overdrive instruments, vocals  and arrangements are by Iain & Kirsty with the exception of some special guests who will also be appearing on the album.

I’ll Keep On Waiting is currently receiving regular pre-release radio play on Black Diamond FM on the Geoff Ruderham show. Geoff picked up the track from a Facebook post shortly after the song was completed and has been plugging the song ever since.

The track was originally written on Acoustic Guitar and it developed into a backing track over a period of a few months, in between music production projects at the Offbeat Studio. Eventually a lyric developed for the song and it was completed in November 2017.

from The Harmonics to Harmonic Overdrive

The name Harmonic Overdrive developed from a previous project. Back in 1990 Iain & Kirsty were in The Harmonics with percussionist Dave Haswell and won best song for the Music In Scotland Trust for the original composition Living The Dream. The band recorded an album entitled Sonic Waves whharmonic overdrive instruments harmonic overdrive Harmonic Overdrive instruments1 150x150 harmonic overdrive Harmonic Overdrive instruments1 150x150ich was only released on cassette in 1989. It was also an Electro-Acoustic project which created a blend of midi technology along with analogue recording techniques created at Sonic Studios in Edinburgh, another studio that Iain & Kirsty ran from 1985 until they started Offbeat in 1992.

Being in the business of producing music for a living has always made it difficult for personal music projects to develop fully but Harmonic Overdrive aim to dedicate much more time to this in 2018. They are excited by the possibilities of their production studio, which has developed into a great sounding creative facility which they have built from scratch and nurtured into a successful business since they started it in 1992.

Iain says, “When we started Offbeat in 1992 we literally had a DAT machine, an acoustic guitar and a fiddle.We sold Sonic after a parting of ways with partners and came out with nothing, and we nearly lost our shirts!

We bought a second hand Bel – 8 channel PA mixer – for a few hundred quid and started again. Brick by brick we have built Offbeat up over 25 years. It shouldn’t really work as it’s in a top floor of a High Street apartment, but miraculously it does. People come from all over to record here and we have somehow managed to make a good living from recording.

The name Harmonic Overdrive, perfectly describes what we are trying to do with electro -acoustic fusion ideas… using vocal harmonies, acoustic and electric instruments and distorting it slightly”.

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‘I’ll Keep On Waiting’ by Harmonic Overdrive will be released on Itunes in January 2018.

Written by Larry Stone – December 2017