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Harmonic Overdrive

HARMONIC OVERDRIVE harmonic overdrive Harmonic Overdrive facebook bannerHarmonic Overdrive are an Electro-Acoustic Rock duo featuring Kirsty McKinna on Lead Vocals and Electric Violin and Iain McKinna on Guitars, Bass Synths and Backing Vocals. The are joined on the single by The Michael Shenker Band Drummer Ted McKenna, formerly of Sensational  Alex Harvey Band & Rory Gallagher’s Taste.

Their debut video/single You Inspire Me by Harmonic Overdrive was released on iTunes on July 8th 2018 on the Offbeat Scotland label.


From The Harmonics to Harmonic Overdrive

The Harmonics formed in 1987 with percussionist Dave Haswell. They won the The Music In Scotland Trust ‘best song’ award for  in 1991 with their single Living The Dream.

The band (pictured below in 1989) recorded an album entitled Sonic Waves which was  released on cassette only in 1989. It was also an Electro-Acoustic and Rock influenced project which created a blend of midi technology along with analogue recording techniques created at Sonic Studios, a recording studio in Edinburgh that Iain & Kirsty ran from 1985 until they started Offbeat in 1992.

the harmonics harmonic overdrive Harmonic Overdrive harmonics 1989Iain and Dave were involved in the production of albums by The Incredible String Band‘s, Mike Heron, and Talitha Mackenzie‘s hit album Solas. They toured the UK on the World Music network of gigs, including Womad, Womex and a tour supporting Runrig as well as gigs in Holland, Canada and Spain.

Kirsty worked as a session backing vocalist as well as performing  gigs with The Harmonics over several years during this period. She also continued her role as studio manager which she had done since starting Sonic Studios in 1987 until the present day.

Harmonic Overdrive

Harmonic Overdrive 2018 harmonic overdrive Harmonic Overdrive harmonic overdrive1Being in the business of recording and producing music for a living has always made it difficult for Iain & Kirsty’s personal music projects to develop fully. And along with health issues suffered by Kirsty just when things seemed to be taking off, they have been forced to keep their creative ideas on a back burner… until now!

Harmonic Overdrive will be dedicating much more time to their own music in 2018. They are excited by the possibilities of producing original songs in their Offbeat production studio, which has developed into a great sounding creative facility, built from scratch and nurtured into a successful business since they started it in 1992.

The name Harmonic Overdrive perfectly describes what they are trying to do with Electro & Acoustic Rock fusion ideas… using vocal harmonies, acoustic and electronic instruments and over-driving it to the MAX!

harmonic overdrive Harmonic Overdrive ted 1

Ted McKenna



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