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Cat Dangerfield

Cat Dangerfield cat1 e1505926634167Cat Dangerfield came into the Offbeat studio in 2016/17 from Aberdeenshire to record four singles she had written and originally recorded on Garageband on her Ipad. We then reworked the tracks on Logic Audio over a period of several months. Her songs are deeply personal and are written from her real life experiences. She plays piano and programmed much of the highly originally quirky music on her recordings. I added some Bass and Guitars on a couple of tracks.

The featured track Venom is about a relationship gone wrong. It created a deeply unsettling atmosphere and to get the spooky vocal effect I put her vocal through a morphoder and added the harmony using a midi keyboard.

Cat’s biography:

“I first realised I could sing when I was 14. I began song-writing at 16, although didn’t share my own music until much later. I compose dance/pop music electronically, and acoustic pop pieces on the piano. My biggest influence, although not apparent in my own music, is Paul Simon: He inspired me to express myself through song.

As a child and adolescent, the saxophone was my main musical interest. I played and performed in both a Junior and Senior Youth Orchestra in the North-East of Scotland for several years, before having to give it up due to illness. I found singing and song-writing a valuable asset (see my blog, Who Am I?), and decided instead – after much persuasion over many years – to take up singing lessons.

I began singing at Chalmers and Mackay Music School at 17, and have never looked back. Since enrolling as a pupil at the school, I have done numerous live performances, and passed my Grade 8 Popular Vocals Exam (Royal College of London) in June 2017.

In the summer of 2016, I began travelling to Offbeat Recording Studios in Edinburgh to record 4 original singles: Platinum, Venom, Who I Am Inside and Rewriting Convention, all of which have now been released.

In September 2017, I moved to Melbourne, Australia, to record my debut album. It will be released early 2018″.

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Cat Dangerfield Venom

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