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Rappers Lloydz And RP   Clients – Hiphop Projects rp llyodzI’m currently in the studio with Hiphop artist, Rapper and Lyricist RP (pictured right). He’s making an EP entitled Cognitive Dissonance of tracks recorded by L.A. Producer & Composer Nova. We’re now in the process of adding RP’s vocals to the production. Also a great singer, R.P. (Ropo Bankole) should do really well with this project. Recently he had vocalist and rapper Lloydz from Glasgow in the studio working on a track they had co-wrote together. He blew us away with his unique and verging on mental vocal technique. The project is booked in here till the end of Juy and as soon as I have some audio finished I shall post an example on this page so stay tuned!

Hip Hop Artist Skinny Malinki  Clients – Hiphop Projects 71025 122673637803961 3837651 nSkinny Malinki was in the studio recently recording vocals for tracks from his E.P. His Scottish hiphop style is amongst the best I’ve heard as he manages to be cool, funny and incisive all at once with his unique lyric style. Skinz is now working a lot on his own beats too and then making his own videos to go with the tracks. . His zany style and attitude are captured in this video which he made himself at home on his camcorder.


Scottish Rapper – Skinz – Curse Of Mine Music Vide…

DIAMOND B is also in the process of putting tracks together for his debut album. Rapper and writer Bruce Kilpatrick started working with my son Paul aka Vigilante before Paul moved back to Canada last year.

Great Escape - Hip Hop Band  Clients – Hiphop Projects project gezcape ep1

The Escapades EP by British Hip Hop act GREAT EZCAPE was recorded and produced at the Offbeat studio by Paul McKinna. Paul specialises in creating breaks and beats and together with rappers Profisee and Simba these recordings achieved lots of radio play on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio X-tra. Clients – Hiphop Projects greatezcape ge 2

The band performed several gigs before going their seperate ways.

Escapades by Great Ezcape “Great Ezcape, an Edinburgh based hip hop crew… Rappers Profisee and Simba and producer Vigilante make booming but elegant music; the beats are made with precision, and the raps are intricate.” SUNDAY HERALD-Fresh Supplement