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Imaginary Creatures – with drummer Ted McKenna

imaginary creatures Imaginary Creatures – with drummer Ted McKenna DSC 1084Really great sessions for the past two days at Heartbeat Studios with drummer Ted McKenna  on the 4th Imaginary Creatures album entitled :-

Sometimes They Get Into The Machinery

by lyricist & musical arranger David Scott.

Great engineering by Ed Logan and Dave Valentine. They always get us a fantastic drum sound which is why I regularly use this well established studio.

It’s a buzz to play Bass on the album with Ted as he was drummer with bands I used to be a huge fan of when I was a teenager.

Rory Gallachers ‘Taste’. I bought the first album and wore it out on my old Portadyne Record Player

imaginary creatures Imaginary Creatures – with drummer Ted McKenna DSC 1086Tear Gas the first band I ever saw back in 1970 supporting Hawkwind at Stirlings Albert Hall. They eventually became Alex Harveys Backing band – The Sensational Alex Harvey band (SAHB) – who I personally witnessed blowing the Who off the stage at Hampden in 1975,

Ted has just came off a major tour with The Michael Shenker band in the USA so was on top form for the sessions. Even with all his commitments he always studies the songs and knows them inside out putting a lot of so called session player to shame. This makes the sessions hugely enjoyable. Despite his age (67), he is astonishingly fit.

This album is really shaping up and are have now recorded nearly all the musicians parts (except Baritone sax) and are getting ready for the pre-mix stage once the drums are sorted out following Ted’s sessions.

Iain McKinna, – Guitars, Bass & Synths & Lead Vocals
Ted McKenna – Drums
Seonaid Aitken – Violin
Simon Rennard – Oboe, Bassoon and Recorders
Brian Rice – Lead Vocals
David Scott & Kirsty McKinna – Backing Vox
Wendy Weatherby & Ron Shaw – Acoustic & Electric Cellos
Callum Barton – Piano
Keith More – Additional Guitar on the song Ground Zero