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Custom Backing Tracks – costing a production.

offbeat instruments collage  Custom Backing Tracks – costing a production. instruments1Whether it’s for theatrical tracks for live shows or backing tracks for performers – minus their parts which they perform live – or studio tracks that artists take into their local or home studios to add their parts – we’ve provided quite a few specialised tracks now for many different uses. But costing a production for a custom backing track can be a tricky process as each clients requirements are so different.

We do however quote for a lot of enquiries which people don’t proceed with as the costs are beyond what they expect to pay, even though our quotes are as competitive as we can possibly make them.

Perhaps it’s not that surprising as you can download high quality backing tracks for a pound or dollar depending on where you are based.

Custom tracks can’t be compared to the costs for Backing tracks that anyone can use and which are recovered over thousands of downloads. At the same time serious artists definitely don’t want to release tracks that anyone can use. When comparing costs it’s best not to use publicly available backing tracks as an example. Instead you should consider how much it would cost to:

1- Hire and rehearse your tracks with professional musicians.

2- Hiring a professional studio with an engineer and a music producer.

Here at Offbeat we can substantially reduce these costs as we have great in-house session musicians and can record in our own studio to make what would otherwise be unaffordable possible.

Having said that we can’t compete with publicly available tracks. If you don’t need a custom track for your own exclusive use we recommend downloading tracks from the many available sites out there or from ITunes or Spotify.

If you need your own exclusively produced tracks we can provide a much less expensive option than you hiring your own musicians and studio. And as our recordings are of broadcast standard you will be sure to receive a professional service.

Check out our Custom Backing Tracks page to hear examples of what we’ve produced.