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New mixer installed – The Yahaha DM2000

yamaha dm2000 mixing desk  New mixer installed – The Yahaha DM2000 controlroom4

This month we have installed our new Yamaha DM2000 mixing desk which has transformed the studio into a 96 channel facility with the potential to record at at a sample rate of 96k.

The best thing by far about this desk are the preamps and analogue to digital converters which have a gorgeous  warm sound before you even start applying any signal processing, whilst still offering the obvious benefits of digital. We have just completed our first recordings and are blown away by the sound.

We have also completely rewired the studio from top to bottom using top quality cabling and now every instrument has its own dedicated mixer channel which will reduce setup time and allow even more time for creativity.

As well as the capacity to handle an amazing amount of channels, the desk offers an individual compressor and noise gate on all 96 channels as well as hosting 8 independent internal multi effects. Another great feature is the ability to store and recall every detail of a mix as well as the various setups we use at the studio. For example at the click if a switch we are ready to record our studio drum kit. Then recalling the set up to record lead vocals is just a click away.

We are about to upgrade the desk to incorporate Class A Reverbs and Compressors which will take the sound into the stratosphere.

Upgrading any studio is an ongoing process and we still have ambitious plans for the future but its great to know the heart of the studio, the mixer, will serve us well for a long time to come.