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Rod Clements in the studio with David Scott.

Great session this week with Rod Clements from Lindisfarne. Rod guested on three tracks on lyricist and songwriter David Scott’s album which is currently in production here at the studio.

Rod Clements  Rod Clements in the studio with David Scott. rod slide2

Rod Clements

On the blues/rock track Bad Train Coming  he added his trademark Electric Slide Guitar as a top-line part. Harmonica legend Fraser Speirs will also be guesting on this track and will be in the studio in a couple of weeks time to add his parts.

rod&iain  Rod Clements in the studio with David Scott. rodiainRod also accompanied Keith More on lead and me on Rhythm on David’s classic rock track Bad For Me, Rod also played an accompanying acoustic guitar on this song too.  He certainly knows his classic blues/rock riffs but somehow he always manages to avoid sounding cliched and consistently adds originality to recordings he plays on. The song was originally produced by US based guitarist Nigel Devnani who will also be guesting on the track.

Three hours into the session and he had finished the two tracks we had required him to play on. Luckily he had brought his classic Harmony Acoustic guitar so we suggested he played on a track which David had written years ago entitled Everybody Goes Insane.which I had recently created the chord structure for. It turned out to be a good move as Rod really connected with the track and his melodic inspired finger picking and slide parts transformed the backing track.

As soon as we have mixed Rods parts we will publish excerpts from his performances. Meanwhile, to read and hear more about David’s album have a look at his project page.