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Working with lyricist David Scott

We are currently working on two seperate projects with lyricists David Scott and Stewart Morrison here at the studio. Neither of whom plays any instruments so for us it’s challenging and creatively worthwhile to get a result that both are happy with.

On David’s project the musical style is 70’s rock. His own influences range from Blue Oyster Cult, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Brain Surgeons, Procul Harem through to Neil Young and lots in between.

10_years-2  Working with lyricist David Scott 10 years 2When we start work on a track he usually sends through a couple of reference tracks. On the featured track ‘Ten Years’ the influences included America and Bill Nelson’s Be Bop Deluxe.

We began by creating the tempo for the track with a basic drum machine loop. I then jammed on Acoustic Guitar to David’s vocal melody for the song and worked out some basic chords on which to build the arrangement which evolved over three to four x 4 hour sessions in the studio to get an end result David was happy with.

We started off at a faster tempo and added bass and drums and Acoustic guitar double tracked using both a mic and a direct signal. David took this away but decided the track was too fast so the following session was spent re-recording at the slower speed.

Fraser Speirs  Working with lyricist David Scott fraser speirsI suggested inviting harmonica player Fraser Speirs to add his amazing playing style to the track and we are all delighted with what he brought to the production. I’ve worked with Fraser on Tam White’s “Hold On” album and Allie Fox’s “Wayland Blues” and he’s always astounded me with how he can lay down flawless tracks which make my mixing job effortless and amazingly effective.

Kirsty contributed her backing vocals to the production and I played and sang the main parts.

We are currently working on several of David’s songs and are enjoying the process of bringing his ideas to life. He knows what he wants on his tracks and although I’m playing nearly everything, these are his ideas and there isn’t much on the tracks that are not his own.