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Recording Studio Edinburgh ‘Offbeat’s’ Website Launch

After 20 years since I started Offbeat in 1992 we have launched this brand new web site at our Recording Studio Edinburgh location in the High Street.

We would like to thank Ben, Dave, Jon & Jane at Attacat Internet Marketing  for all their fantastic help in building the new website.

The site features many services for Singers/Songwriters & Solo Artists which are now available Worldwide thanks to file sharing applications like Dropbox. The business also has a strong local presence. I’ve been involved in Edinburgh’s music scene personally since 1976 when I started Southside Studios with Bass Player and Guitarist Richard Brown and since then I’ve experienced and recorded literally hundreds, possibly thousands of local artists and bands as well as being a gigging musician myself. I’ve also worked with many artists and musicians nationally and Internationally over the years.

Offbeat specialises in providing musical accompaniment on ‘real’ instruments for a variety of artists. This approach has ensured our survival in an ever changing music industry which has made the studio business very tricky since the onset of home recording technology and re-invention is the key to staying in the game. Luckily there isn’t really a substitute for ‘real’ people playing ‘real’ instruments.

I hope you enjoy the new site and any feedback at all is most welcome. Just get in touch with me directly using the contact form. I’ll be very pleased to hear all your ideas and comments.