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Welcome to Offbeat. We have been specialising in working with Singers, Songwriters and Solo artists since we started our music Production Company and Recording Studio back in 1992. We have recorded produced Offbeat music that’s achieved worldwide success and recognition. We offer musical accompaniment if required, so even artists that just play one instrument or lyricists with a vision of what they want to hear can hear their ideas fully developed. We also create our own music, including songs and instrumentals.

Before Offbeat, we worked with many Punk and New Wave and artists at Edinburgh’s Southside Studios from 1976 until 1980, then the legendary Sonic Studios from 1985 until 1991 where we worked for many Major and Indie record labels.

Our journey from analogue in the 70’s to midi in the 80’s to digital in the 90’s and since has given us a unique insight into what really matters when recording music. That’s content, performance and commitment! Applying this formula to any style of music produces great results and you can hear many examples of this throughout the site.

Beyond music, Offbeat also provides VOICE-OVER facilities with Sound To Picture and can work remotely with companies Worldwide using Skype.  We currently work with BBC Radio 4, BBC Byte Size, Sky TV, Time/Warner, Film 4, Al-Jazeera, The New Yorker, Turner Classic Movies and many other leading companies.

We also provide expert sound and audio production services and film dubbing – and we also create original music for TELEVISION, RADIO, FILM & ANIMATION COMPANIES & THEATRE.

If you need a music production company and pro recording studio that stands up across every medium for any musical or multi-media project … GET IN TOUCH NOW.

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